Thoughts on Changing the World

We all develop a separate perception of our self, this world and each other. The foundation of our individual perception is built from ages 0 to 7 and then the remaining years are an effect of the world view we built. Our subconscious mind is a storage container for these memories, beliefs and conclusions we made and we respond, often unconsciously, to what has been packed in there.
However…there is an amazing thing that starts to happen when we bring conscious awareness to the thoughts we think, beliefs we hold and patterns that we repeat. This consciousness shines a light on the darkness, and in the light we can see that we accepted these foundations as reality but they are NOT reality. We begin to deny our separate perception of what truth is, and what we think we are….and open to what truth is and what we are according to our Creator.
We want to deny our thoughts and beliefs at first because we learned them from people and a world that does NOT know who they are or what they are here for. When we don’t know who we are…everything is backwards and filled with pain and sacrifice is at the center. Yet when we deny those thoughts, no longer identifying them as “my beliefs” and instead reach for higher truths is when we can step ask for a perception of our self and circumstance that is not of our own making. It is here that we can step back…observe….listen…and learn from a Source that beyond this world, but in us, and closer to us then our own heart beat.
We begin to see our identity as One with all things. We begin to know ourselves as created by our creator. We begin to live life on earth as if there is a purpose and point to it all. We begin to see the end goal of peace for all… and walk our steps everyday to bring it about in our own life.
This realization, of complete responsibility to change our thinking… is the power that will change the world. Its not something “out there” that we are attempting to change. Its allll in here. And when we shift “inside” is when the shift radiates to everyone and everything outside.
So my friends, we can ask for a change of mind within, a stabilizing of consciousness so to speak so we can transcend our learned behavior and awaken to the truth about us. It is here, in this place of asking and receiving that a love..a peace, a power replaces all pain
It is here that we remember we are one, and welcome a shared vision. This shared vision of self and others births cooperation AND shared purpose. From shared purpose is how we can save/change/shift the world. It starts within. It starts with us. Lets do this. #clearoutthesubconscious #askforanotherway #receiveit #giveit #andsoitis

Practical Tools for Kitchen & Mindset

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