Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Nourishment & Direction

What is Customized Coaching?

With Britney Shawley

Customized Coaching is when I listen to your needs, your wants, your difficulties, your hopes and your fears. I then work with you to create a system and a goal focused system that helps you (and your family) overcome difficulties in the kitchen and in mindset so you can finally know and experience yourself as healthy and happy in body and mind and centered in Spirit.

I have been working with clients for 10 years using deep communication and listening methods, hypnosis, NLP, metaphysics / a course in miracles as well as holistic nutrition, kitchen workflow and forgiveness expertise. I came into this work through my own experiences of healing my own relationship to food and self. This is also my passion and purpose for which I am grateful to be of service everyday.

Whether you are:
*wanting to know, love and accept yourself
*wanting to overcome negative habits, grievances or conflict
*wanting to transition to a more vegetarian / vegan / whole foods / plant based / healthy lifestyle
*be more confident in your self and in cooking healthy meals
*wanting to be more organized and consistent cooking in the kitchen
*wanting to lose weight,  increase energy or gain muscle / strength
*needing better and more consistent self care practices
*overcoming physical or emotional pain
*wanting to bring joy into the everyday mundane tasks of life
*needing to remove blocks to the awareness of loves presence
*wanting to know your Self and/ or God / Creator
*wanting to discover & live your life’s purpose
*assisting your family or loved ones to be well/healthy
*or simply wanting to live a healthier and higher quality of life,
I can help! I deal with the WHOLE Self (mind, body, spirit) for a whole, healthy and happy way of living life.


Britney is amazing! And her work is Life Changing!!! She has been blessed with incredible insight not only in the kitchen but in life and has the ability to empower others to find joy in whatever they do.I particularly enjoy her spiritual insights in daily life. They are radical, yet practical, and help me personally to be more consistent in the Kitchen, and calmer in parenting and in life. I am so happy to have met her and feel blessed to work with her. I recommend working with her so you can experience permanent shifts from the inside, out.

Cindi Koller

Mom & Entreprenur

I love working with Britney. All of her experience, knowledge, and insights combined with her loving and joyful nature makes her a great coach and a wonderful friend.
I was overwhelmed when it came to preparing healthy meals for me and my family. Thanks to her course and her constant support in working 1-on-1 together, my mindset has shifted and I’m now confident in the kitchen and creative with my meals. I’m truly enjoying the process. I’ve learned skills in how to plan meals, what to include, how to look at any old habit that is not serving me and how to create new ones to empower and simplify my life. Britney has a passion for teaching and helping others succeed. That’s so inspiring to me. I’m so grateful and honored to work with her.

Angelica Swanson

Stay at Home Mom

Thank you Britney for your wisdom & for leading me through looking at my stories today. You really showed me how to ask for help within myself, and find understanding with things in my life. I am so grateful to have you as a teacher and now dear friend. I am committed to cooking at least 1 meal a week and I know I can do that now. You inspire and help a lot of people Britney.

Chris L.


The Benefits

  1. Total support for you and a system to follow in your health & healing journey
  2. A toolbox of tools to help you undo blocks and turn to in any time of need
  3. Energetic and Emotional shifts towards calm and joy, and away from overwhelm or fear both in and out of the kitchen
  4. Clarity around your values, your purpose and the reason why you want to cook and live healthfully
  5. A plan for how you will cook, what you will cook, when you will cook and why you want to cook
  6. A new found zen-flow in the kitchen and in life
  7. The undoing of old belief systems and habits, and the establishment of new beliefs and habits that support optimal wellness
  8. You will walk away from every session feeling inspired, energized and ready to care for your self (and others) in the most optimal way possible

What to Expect:

During our 60 minute session together I pray before hand and let myself be used by Spirit to best serve and help you.
This often means that we will be guided to a few different modalities depending on your needs and what would be most helpful at the time.

*Most often we focus on typical “talk” therapy where I ask you questions, you answer, and experience shifts in your perceptions and then actions because of it. I always give you homework to apply for the week to keep the changes present and transformative.

We also may experience any of the following together:
1) Card Readings
2) Energetic Upgrades through  guided meditations / hypnosis sessions, by me/ spirit within
3) Breathwork Healing with Music
4) A Course in Miracles
5) Education or Presentations on Nutrition / Gut Health /Wellness / Cooking / Mindset
6) Prayer / Meditation together
7) Reiki / Energetic Healings
8) Journaling Prompts / Guidelines
9) Hypnosis / NLP Activities

All of the above work together to help you come to know and love yourself. This love will then guide you in life and in cooking so you can optimally nourish yourself and family and thus our world! Thank you for working with me. This is extremely important work we are doing together and I value you and appreciate your willingness to learn, heal and grow.

Note: You may be called to some modalities and not others. That’s okay. Our sessions tend to show us what you are in “need” of at the time and we will follow that. No matter what, keep communicating with me and let me know what you think might be most helpful for you from week to week.

Contact Britney for a free 20 minute consultation

We can discuss anything on your heart or mind. Ask me any questions.
Lets see if we are the right fit for one another.

*I will get back to you in a day or two to confirm a date for our consultation or first session together. Thank you.

More Testimonials:

Since I found Britney’s videos in the autumn of 2019, in hopes of being more disciplined with my A Course in Miracles practice, I have become a different person. Not only has my relationship with my soul transformed but so has my relationship with food and my family. In addition to working with me one-on-one for many months, Britney has also coached my teenage daughter who struggles with an anxiety-based eating disorder and helped her immensely. There is no limit to what Britney is able to do with her divinely guided skills. She is an amazing guide and teacher on this sometimes very confusing planet. She knows exactly where to shine the light to help you see the parts of yourself that are calling out for transformation! I highly recommend working with this amazing being of light, love and refreshing authenticity.
With so much gratitude, Elizabeth

Elizabeth B.

North Carolina USA

Britney’s two greatest gifts to her many students are 1) her presence and 2) her passion. It doesn’t matter if you’re an award-winning chef or if you’re just trying to keep it together for yourself or your family, Britney’s approach can change everything. She truly is the “Marie Kondo” of the kitchen, mindset and self-love. Britney exudes by example that how you approach your food and your kitchen is how you approach life. She certainly taught me all that and more!

Paul McKenzie

Vancouver BC

Britney’s love for humanity has been truly inspirational and powerful for me. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. There have been many times of personal struggle for me over the past 7 years. I can message her in those moments and her responses have been quick and enlightening, despite her busy schedule… I matter…we all matter! Her love, light and guidance envelopes my soul, and she helps me in food, spirituality and relationships. She does all for our greater purpose! There are not enough words to describe this amazing beautiful soul. I am grateful for our connection and for working together!! Thank you for all that you do and all that you are and how you have helped me so deeply!💗

Kris Mouro

Stay at Home Mom