Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Nourishment, Direction and Healing.

Customized Coaching

with Britney Shawley

The main service that I offer is Spiritual Psychotherapy.
This form of psychotherapy is a treatment (therapy) for the mind (psycho) that is led by Spirit within both of us. Once you shift and heal inside your mind / perception / beliefs, this inner change naturally falls to form and brings blessing and change to your health and relationship to cooking, family and Self.

I have been working with clients for 10+ years.
Every session is different depending on the needs and goals of each individual (or couple)

I use a combination of the following modalities.

  • Spiritual psychotherapy
  • Hypno-therapy
  • Neuro-Linguistics Programming
  • Metaphysics / A Course in Miracles
  • Holistic Nutrition /Nutritional Science
  • Kitchen Workflow (meal plan / prep etc) Education
  • Angel Communication Therapy
  • Forgiveness Expertise

I came into this work through my own experiences of healing my own relationship to food and accepting my own wholeness.
I am also a mom and want to see the health and happiness of not just us, but future generations too.
I have a passion and purpose to enhance the quality of health and happiness on this planet, for which I am grateful to be of service to everyday.

I was invited to be a speaker at a healing retreat in Ibiza Spain. The shifts people experienced were profound.

My gift to you is peace. My gift to you is health.
My gift to you is the attainment of both, to have and to give.


The Benefits

  1. High Impact Accountability and support for you as you heal and undo blocks (mentally / physically) inside yourself
  2.  Customized homework / activities for you to do based on the discussions, shifts & Ah’Ha’s you received in our session
  3. A toolbox of tools to help you undo inner blocks
  4. Energetic and Emotional lasting shifts
  5. More calm, confidence, joy, presence, forgiveness, patience, healing & nourishing cooking + self love
  6. High impact accountability
  7. Clarity around your values, your purpose and your WHY
  8. The undoing of old belief systems and habits, and the establishment of new beliefs and habits that support optimal wellness
  9. Healthier and more consistent cooking and self care
  10. You will walk away from every session feeling inspired, energized and ready to care for your self (and others) in the most optimal way possible, for you!

What to Expect:

During our 60 minute session together we meet face to face online.
I pray and set intentions before hand so that I can step out of the way and let true healing energy and wisdom on through.

There have been times where we have one session together and ones mind has shifted so greatly that they see what they need to do, and are centered on their path that they are whole and complete in that one session.

Other times I notice that when we work on and heal one “issue”, another one comes up to look at and deal with.
We generally progress to each “difficulty” until light, awareness and healing is brought to all areas.
This bring about whole healing and whole health.
Sometimes that can be done in 4 sessions.
Sometimes we need more.
It depends on the wants and needs of each person / couple.

The outcomes people receive by working with me:

  • More mindfulness, calm and confidence in their every day life & cooking
  • Feeling more grounded, centered, connected
  • Healing from physical pain
  • Healing from Mental ailments such as depression, anxiety, unworthiness
  • More peace, joy, creativity
  • More excitement to cook, clean and to nourish
  • Feeling lighter, more energetic, more vitality
  • Glimpses and acceptance of their soul, their light, their worth, their wholeness
  • Increased ability to cook
  • Loss of weight and bad habits
  • Emotional releases and Energetic Upgrades
  • Transformed inner blueprint
  • Closer connection to Spirit and Others
  • More Self Love, Compassion and Gentleness
  • More Self awareness
  • More asking and receiving
  • Self Mastery
  • Kitchen & Cooking Mastery

Contact Britney for a free 20 minute consultation

We can discuss anything on your heart or mind. Ask me any questions. Lets see if we are the right fit for one another.

*I will get back to you in a day or two to confirm a date for your consultation. Thank you.

Work With Me

If you know we are the right fit and you feel the prompt in your heart and soul,
then 1 session is $111 USD  OR $400 for 4 sessions. (if you are Canadian, message me at the contact form above)
Let’s do this! It will be an honor to work with you and be your coach on this health and healing path.

*I will email you in a day or two to confirm a date for our first session together. Thank you.