The How & Why of Caramelizing Onions

My intent is for you to learn and get comfortable with dicing and caramelizing your onions so that you can start gaining the flavor profiles that will make you, your family and friends enjoy nutritious and delicious meals together! Caramelizing Onions is a flavor enhancer!!!

Why Caramelize Your Onions:

Caramelizing your onions draws out the natural sugars in the onion and starts the processed of caramelization. Think “caramel” gooey sweet goodness!! Thats what happens to our onions!! They go from strong and potent, to sweet, soft and delicious!!!

 Once you’ve caramelized your onions they are perfect to use as is or you can add spices directly into those caramelized onions. Adding spices to your onions is how the potent flavor ill spread evenly and deliciously throughout the meal.

You want to caramelize onions, if you want to enhance the flavor of your meals!

A tip to save you time: 

Make a big batch of caramelized onions.  I am talking 5 or 6 onions that you dice and have cooking in a large fry pan on low.

When the onions come to room temperature, put them in a glass container with a lid and store in the fridge. Pull out to use for eggs, pasta sauce, on salads, in curries, on pizza’s, on sandwiches, in wraps and in any stew or soup!  They are so versatile!

Onions at 3 minutes

Onions at 12 minutes

How to Caramelize Your Onions:

  1. Dice your onions small. (follow videos below)
  2. Add oil of choice to a large fry pan
  3. Add onions to oil and let cook / sweat on low to medium heat for about 7 minutes (or more if doing a large batch). Once they become translucent, move onto next step.
  4. Add Tamari Soya Sauce (or 1 -2 tsp of sugar) to caramelize the onion.
  5. Continue to let cook for another 5 to 10 minutes, stirring often to ensure they don’t burn.
  6. Once they are done, you can use them as they are, add spices to them, or add them to a glass container and store in fridge for later.

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