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How to Make a Whole Meal

Vegetables, protein, fat

How do you create a meal that is nourishing for the body? A whole meal, that’s how. A whole meal consists of parts, these parts work together to give the body what it needs to not just survive, but to thrive and live a healthy, meaningful life.

How to Make Soups & Stews

Simple, delicious

There is a system when it comes to making a delicious soup or stew. These dishes are the perfect lunch, appetizer or compliment to dinner. Or even dinner itself depending on whats in your stew.

Learn simple cooking & mindset techniques
to find joy and nourishment inside yourself and in your kitchen.

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These infographics are...

my gifts to you. I created them so that you have some direction when it comes to making healthy meals in the kitchen. I wanted the act of thinking about meals to become simplified, so that you can choose wisely and healthfully no matter how busy life is. I have a background and love for the power of Mindset, Holistic Nutrition and Workflow Organization. It is my honor to relay everything I have learned and experienced to you so that you are empowered to live a whole and healthy life for you and your family.

In Love, Peace & Health,

Britney Shawley