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My Cookbook

This cookbook is made for people who want to claim their power in the Kitchen. It is for those who want or need practical steps that will help to develop their cooking skills and create their own whole & healthy kitchen. This cookbook is filled with whole & healthy recipes your whole family will enjoy, as well as how-to’s & what not to do’s in the kitchen. It is packed with education on ingredients, technique, goal setting, mind training and nutrition, as well as the power of Love that has healed me and now creates through me. My intent is to inspire & educate you to learn mindset & cooking tools so you can embrace and love your  Whole & Healthy Kitchen.

What is a Whole & Healthy Kitchen?

In my cookbook, I go into deep explanation and practical application of these principles.


If you doubt your self or misuse any aspect of the cooking process, you will find difficulty staying committed to whole-health. If you work on having an attitude that is positive and patient, as you relearn habits around food and cooking, you will soon learn to love creating whole meals that support the health of your Body, Mind and Soul for you and your family.

We educate on how to use your mind and how to find Joy in the kitchen.


This is a practical and holistic approach to cooking. Practical because it has a set of steps, tools and principles that when followed, lead to a Whole and Healthy Kitchen. And holistic, because the whole you including your mental and social conditions, your body, emotions, digestion and soul are taken into consideration as part of the transformation process.

Our approach includes a whole & healthy way of thinking about yourself and about the buying, storing, preparing, cooking, serving & eating food.


The ingredients we choose, matters. Fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices, super-foods, whole grains and healthy fats support life, farmers, and are keeping our digestion and brains functioning optimally. Making food taste delicious is also important if we want our families and ourselves to enjoy eating healthy everyday. Fresh, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables with healthy fats, herbs & spices- add the delicious factor when you learn the trick to make them taste divine. Shop at farmers markets when you can, buy particular clean brands, stay away from processed foods.

There is a way to buy fresh, wholesome and colorful ingredients that contain all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to thrive. And you can learn to do it on a budget.


Every step in the cooking process can become an act of Love. There is a way to move beyond all barriers and remove all obstacles to cooking in the kitchen. It can become a wonderful act of nurturing care. Where it once seemed like an added task to your list, cooking becomes a creative time to pour your heart and soul into. The more love you put into your food, the more you and your family will taste and feel it. Love is the guidance we can choose to lead us in the kitchen, love is the voice that inspires us to cook. Cook with Love and you will heal, and the fear will be gone. 

This love inspires the cooking, brings us together and reminds us that everyone involved, including yourself, is worthy of the benefits of this loving act of cooking.

“Inspiring Whole & Healthy Living 
through the art of preparing, cooking & sharing food.”

About Britney

Hi! My name is Britney Shawley. I am a soulful Mom and founder of Whole & Healthy Kitchen. This website came from a deep call of wanting to serve others and contribute to my family through food. I have found that with the goal of serving others at the foreground of my mind, I have perfected my cooking skills and in turn have overcome my own poor relationship with food.  It has been a long journey of listening and learning for me, and now my focus has turned to giving all that I have learned to my Whole & Healthy Kitchen Community.

Whole & Healthy Kitchen Cookbook

Whole & Healthy Kitchen Cookbook is crafted with attention and care to educate & empower you to be a happy, whole & healthy home-cook. Do you want to be notified when my cookbook is available?

Currently I am looking for a publisher.
If you know of one who may be interested, contact me 🙂

“I love people and I Love cooking.
Bringing people together over food is what I cook for. “
~ Britney Shawley