Whole & Healthy
Gift Guide 2019

What is better than giving a gift of experience? of service? of products that can change lives? The list I have put together here, consists only of the services and products that I have personally birthed from the Spirit in me… or have come across, used, and love beyond measure. Everything here is meant to help you and those you love to learn how to be their most healthy and whole self in 2020 and beyond. Happy Holidays & Gift Buying! With Love, Britney Shawley

Miracle Morning Routine

I created this 3 part miracle morning package as a way to help you to start your day right so you can reach your goals and maintain calm within each day. 

When you set your mind right in the morning, you are able to bring about the kind of day you want instead of slipping into egoic driven tendency’s like overwhelm, doubt, fear, bad habits etc. The reason for this is because when we decide for the kind of day we want as soon as we wake up in the morning, we are deciding to actively give our mind over to Spirit and we become active co-creators with the powers of this loving Universe.

In this package you receive:
1) Education on WHY a Morning Routine is necessary for peace and purpose
2) You witness to my Miracle Morning as a practical example
3) Receive a Worksheet to discover your own Miracle Morning

Plant Medicine

I have seen the POWER of plant medicine work in the gut and bodies of many people. Whether you have any food intolerance, poor digestion, mental fog, physical pain, anxiety… there are Medicines for you.  These are my favorites:
Digestive Enzymes [LIFE]
B Vitamins [VIBE]
  Protealytic Enzymes/Chelated Minerals [RESTORE]
the best Multi Vitamin on the market [BALANCE]
Collagen to strengthen hair, nails & gut lining [ICARIA GLOW].
All of these are sincerely some of the highest quality, fast acting, potent medicines on the planet. I thank God every day they came into my life so I can introduce you to them.

Customized Coaching

Sometimes us or a family member or friend could benefit from communicating with a professional about their personal, spiritual, mental and physical needs. I have personally coached people individually and as groups for over 10 years, and I use the principles of A Course in Miracles and metaphysics to help you to understand the power of your mind, connect with Spirit  and to bring positive change and healing into your life, relationships and kitchen. If you want to start the new year right, this package is for you or for someone you love.

TimeSavers Toolbox

The Time Saver’s Toolbox is a running utility window
containing time saving tools for …

Students / Teachers
Business Professionals
Designers & Developers
Or anyone who uses their computer multiple hours a day

Who want to …
➡️Type less
➡️Do fewer mouse clicks
➡️Spend less time looking for stuff
➡️Speed up & perform fewer repetitive tasks
➡️Be more efficient and precise
➡️Spend less time switching between windows and tabs
➡️Make fewer mistakes
➡️Don’t redo work you have already done

Oils for Every Need

Meet my friend Tray. She has a passion and endless education on oils and mindset!  I love Young Living Oils and am grateful to use them for my family and in my cooking!  Oils and all their products are amazing for a Christmas gift for anyone! Here is a note from Tray: “As an Oily Mentor, I love helping women find oils to enhance their daily lives at a price that fits their budget. Essential Oils can support our immune system, our respiratory system, and even our emotions. Reach out to me to learn more or check out my site.” Email Tray through her site if you are interested in oils, and mention Britney sent you!

Reset Your Kitchen

Whether this is for you, or some one you know who could benefit from a Reset in their Kitchen, I am here to help. For 6 weeks, I work with you (and your family!)  to change up the food in your kitchen so that you welcome more whole and life giving foods in there. I teach you how to:
Best organize & clean your ktichen
Help you discover the most helpful and stress free mindset
Discover the best approach to cooking
Learn new tools for your workflow (meal planning / prepping / shopping etc).
Through it all you will gain confidence and ease in the kitchen, so that you are ready and excited to cook whole and healthy meals for you and your family every day in 2020!

CBD Whole Flower Fluid

All of our whole flower CBD products use a proprietary extraction process which preserves the entire medicinal profile of hemp cannabis. Each drop or spray of our organic CBD fluid is water-compatible, making it the most absorbable option available.

This natural extraction process means that you’re getting the most pure and bioavailable CBD to help you feel whole.


11 Ways to Spring Forward E-Book

If you could benefit from:

🌷A process for preparing nourishing meals
🌷A quick organization of your Kitchen
A calm center within
Meal plans / healthy recipes
Mindset / Self care practices
Abundance tools
and more…

than this e-book is for you!!!! Its short, its simple, its practical and made for YOU. Enjoy applying this book as it helps you to SPRING FORWARD in your kitchen and your life.

Kitchen Wisdom Poster

“Wisdom for choosing healthy alternatives in your kitchen workflow, mindset and food choices.”

Learn how to center yourself and feel calm, before you even begin to cook

Learn some steps for grocery shopping,  meal planning  & meal prep

Inspiration to cook and eat more whole meals every day
Daily reminders for how to be whole and healthy each day

P.s this gift is for YOU. Its for free. From my heart to yours. Download, print, hang up in your Kitchen and enjoy learning tips for your cooking experience.

MOM Mastermind

We are a Supportive Community of Moms and Parents who are striving to Know Themselves and to enhance their relationship to food and their kitchen experience. We realize the need to care for ourselves and our families through the thoughts we think and the food we eat.

The Benefits of Joining our Community:

Consistent Soul & emotional nourishment
Connecting with like-minded people
Increased confidence in Self and in Kitchen
Increased inspiration to cook and prepare meals everyday
Greater sense of ease & purpose when going about life
Learning how to have a healthy relationship to self & food
A sense of feeling heard/seen on a consistent basis
An understanding of Mind Training & how to do it
Learning that you are Loved exactly as you are
Gratitude to each other and our Creator

Kitchen Alchemy Course

If you or some one you know could benefit from bringing Joy and Nourishment into their every day life, then this is a course for you /them. Our Main Goal is for Mamas & Parents to learn to deeply nurture themselves on every level, so they can most optimally nourish their families and all future generations through them.

There are specific tools to use and skills to learn that will help you to have the most healthy mindset and habits. There are specific things you can learn and apply that will have you loving to eat and cook whole foods. There are also things that you can learn to bring more nourishment and flow into your body, mind, soul and family. If you are curious to learn more, contact me, other wise, sign up at the link below.

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