What is Whole Health??


  • Whole-Health is an idea that was given me when I asked how to best serve others in body, mind, emotions and spirit. To BE whole and healthy is the most optimal way we can live on planet earth. After I researched this idea, thinking I can’t be the only one who thought of this idea… I came across Dr. Lisa Rankin work. She uses a definition of Whole Health that is beyond perfect. I do not think there is anything I would change… so I am sharing that definition with you here today.

  • “Whole Health = The scientifically validated, vitality-enhancing effects on the body of alignment with the soul in nine aspects of human life—relationships, work/life purpose, creativity, spirituality, sexuality, finances, environment, mental health, and physical health. When your life choices align with the soul’s truth and integrity, your body exits the “fight or flight” state that results from betraying the soul’s truth, and the nervous system reverts to the homeostatic parasympathetic state, or the “relaxation response,” and the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms are optimized, facilitating self-repair.

  • In other words, whole health encompasses not only holistic health and integrative medicine (which might lie under the “physical health” realm) but also the mental, emotional and spiritual health typified by alignment with the soul in all areas of life, which is a prerequisite for optimal health. When you are living your life in alignment with your truth, rather than compromising your truth in exchange for comfort, security, the illusion of certainty, or a set of social norms that may not align with your soul, you make the body ripe for miracles.” – Lisa Rankin

Practical Tools for Kitchen & Mindset

  1. Kitchen Wisdom Poster
    My community gets a complimentary copy of my FREE Kitchen Wisdom Poster PDF. I encourage you to print it out and hang it on your fridge or inside a cupboard as a daily reminder of your want to be, cook, live and be whole and healthy!!! Download Yours Today

  2. 3 Part Video Series: Transform Your Kitchen Experience
    This video series is here to help you to learn the Mindset, Workflow and power of Responsibility to be empowered to begin the process of transforming your kitchen experience. As you shift your relationship with food and your kitchen, so does your relationship to Self and all things shift. Sign-Up for FREE Today.

  3. Kitchen Alchemy Course
    LEARN: Skills in Mindset & Whole Food Preparation
    IMPROVE: Kitchen Workflow & Self Confidence
    EXPLORE: Perception, Habits & Beliefs
    CELEBRATE: Small steps & Decisions for great change in self, kitchen & life
    TO QUALIFY: You are prepared to better care for yourself and your family through the thoughts you think and the meals you make. You are willing to put in the time & effort now, to learn how to cook wholesome meals that save time and overwhelm later. Learn More or Sign Up Here

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