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I am SO happy you are here! You are now part of our Family! Explore my blogs, recipes and services so you can learn how to accept your Wholeness, feel centered in confidence and use cooking and eating as Acts of Love towards yourself and others. I am here for you! Reach out any time 🙂

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I have created recipes that inspire the inner home-cook in you to want to cook! You will find vegan & gluten-free options in an Indian, Thai, Raw or Moroccan kind of way. As well as Old-fashioned comfort food favorites with a whole & healthy twist.


In my videos I focus on “How To” think about meal planning and cooking meals. I will take you through a step-by-step process of how to follow my recipes as well as show you what Not to do. I will also teach you about superfoods, cooking  for large groups,  how to prep for your week & more!


Whole & Healthy Kitchen is dedicated to providing resources and education so that any mother, family member or home-cook can learn about the power of their mind, the power of ingredients and the power of coming together over delicious & nutritious meals.


There is much more to come with this website. For 2018 we have big plans, and for 2019 even greater. I want you to know that by having a membership with us, you are part of the evolution and growth of whole and healthy kitchen. Its exciting times.


We have a specific purpose and mission that we follow at Whole & Healthy Kitchen. I hold myself personally accountable to it and run every recipes, video and blog through them. In reading them over, you may get a better insight as to what we are about. 


There is a very specific reason and purpose for everything we do at Whole & Healthy Kitchen. Those reasons and many other questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any more questions, just ask!