When it comes to working in the kitchen, setting healthy habits is imperative.
The best way to ensure consistent calm and cooking,
is to

I have created a system to help you to develop a new habit of starting your day right.
Follow these 5 steps on repeat for 21 to 60 days and it will become a habit for you.

Every morning I will commit to these 5 things...

REST & Gratitude

As soon as you open your eyes, close them again and think to yourself “I am going to have a great day.” Think about what you want to feel, and bring it up in your body to feel it. You can rest your mind from excessive thinking by directing it to where you want it to go. You rule your mind.  Direct it towards gratitude for your ability to choose, and gratitude to your self and those around you for simply being who you/they are. 

Set Focus & Listen

I personally start my day having warm water with lemon or apple cider vinegar and honey. I sit still, listen and/or journal as I sip on my tea. If Ella is already awake, the warm drink stays the same, enabling me to remain consistently. I will then listen to her and focus on her.  I find spaces in that, to listen within.

Practice this:
After you rest your mind, begin to inquire into and ask:

  • What kind of day do I want…
  • What do I want to feel…
  • What do I want to have happen…
  • How do I want to show up (for my work, for cleaning my house, for my kids etc)…
  • What can I be enthusiastic and excited about today?

You can ask one or all of  these questions. Be sure to pause after each question and let the answers come to you as you ask. I often write down in a journal or notebook what comes to me. This practice helps to strengthen my message and intent for the day.

Write a "Task" List

By task list I mean a list of answers to questions.
Ask these Questions:
“What meals am I going to cook today?
“What are the tasks do I want to accomplish today?”
“How do I want to feel while doing them?”

The point of this is to help avoid rushing and urgency when it comes to cooking or the “doings” in our day. I often jot my meals for the day on a scrap piece of paper and leave it on my meal prep counter. I don’t have to think about “whats for breakfast or dinner etc” when it comes time to cook, because I already know, I wrote it down and I am prepared.

Writing out a Task List helps you to be kind to your future self.  You will feel more calm because you have a better understanding of what you are going to do, cook or clean and how you want to feel as your day unfolds. So write out a task list,  and you are far more likely to follow through.

Do what's on list

It’s one thing to write out a task list, it’s another thing to follow through with it. Following through with what you decide to do, helps to create new patterns for yourself and your family. A way to follow through with what’s on the list is to remember WHY you want to cook or organize, and let the WHY propel you to do what’s on your list. You can even write out your WHY so that you are supremely clear on that yourself, and even put that up on the fridge or bathroom mirror as a reminder! The more you can remember the reasons for wanting to do something, the more you will be excited to do it because you want the outcome that it will bring!   


If you make a commitment to yourself to follow these few steps in the morning, you will WIN the day and it will get easier and better everyday and in every way for you. But you must be consistent. You must develop a habit around it. You must be patient and repeat your morning routine every day that you can.  If you do this every day for 6 weeks, the habit will begin to form, it will then be made subconscious, and help to knock out all old habits that no longer serve you. You want to get on a new cycle of Eating, Thinking and Acting. It will serve your whole family not just with nutritious delicious meals, but with a cleaner home and a calmer more peaceful You. I recommend reading the book: Power of Habits-Why We Do What We do in Life and Business By: Charles Duhigg to help you understand the power of habits. And having a new morning habit is the best, most effective and helpful habit that I feel you can begin to have.  

Here is an affirmation to say to yourself:
“Everyday and in every way I am getting better and better”   

These are suggestions to start your day right.
You may do all of them as I do, or you can choose one or a few.

Have a Great Day my Friend!!

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