The Top 5 Most Delicious & Nourishing Soups to Warm the Soul

The thing I love most about soups, is they give you time to pause, to sip, to enjoy every spoonful. Since they are hot and in a bowl, it requires slow, conscious movements. If we let it, every spoonful can deeply nourish the body and mind. It can contribute to thoughtfulness and inner peace. It can give us an opportunity to turn within and be still for even a few minutes. It is indeed a radical act of Love to just sit down and be quiet for a time by yourself. The next time you decide to be still, take some soup with you, and encourage nourishment of body, mind and spirit as one. May you know how loved and appreciated you are, as you sip on these soups.

Sweet Potato & Coconut Curry Soup

This dish is filled with ingredients I always have in my home. So this is a soup I whip together often. As soon as I added all those curry spices to my onions and added coconut milk, tomato’s and veggies and blended it together, I knew we were going to have a great dinner. My whole family loves this soup. Including Ella. And by adding quinoa it adds in the nutrients and protein department as well. I highly recommend trying this delicious soup to warm you up and nourish you from the inside out. 

Vegan Broccoli Soup

Everyone at some point in their life I am sure have tried broccoli soup. I know I have before and I was indifferent about it. It was not until I had copious amounts of broccoli in my fridge that I decided to try them in a soup. So this time I also added potatoes into this soup. What this did was give it a creamy texture that makes it soooo delicious and satisfying. I pair this soup with a salad for a full meal. You could also pour this over rice. I highly recommend this soup. 

Simple & Soothing Sweet Potato Soup

I am in LOVE with this soup!! Especially in the winter. I am even more in love with soup when they are simple, nutritious AND delicious. This soup hits all the marks. I have made this before with butternut squash and found a recipe for that from Joyous Health that I enjoyed. But this soup here is made with all sweet potato (use butternut squash if you like) but doing it with sweet potato means 1) most people have some in their home already 2) Its a simpler prep process 3) its cheaper 4) It is just as soothing and quite possibly even more delicious!

Borscht ~ Delicious Beet Soup

I was introduced to this soup by Tom’s moms one year over Christmas. It is a celebrated holiday soup in Poland.  She made this soup alongside homemade perogies (and many more delicious polish side dishes) and I thought I was in heaven. It is the most delicious, nourishing and feel good soup I had ever had. Since then, I have been making borscht regularly not just on holidays, and my whole family enjoys it.  

Vegetable Barley Soup

I have been on a polish kick these days!  It helps that my hubby is polish and I want to make him food that he loves. But honestly, when I saw on the internet that this barley soup is beloved among the polish, I had to try it. I am so glad I did!!!! Its now my new favorite soup and will become part of our dinner rotation. Ella even gobbled this soup up and asked for seconds!!! This soup has barley, potatoes, carrots and delicious broth, so together it is a full meal. I serve it along side a crusty sourdough bread. My gosh its delicious. I hope you try this soup.

Bonus: Vegan Red Lentil & Sweet Potato Stew

This is not quite a soup, but its a stew and I am in love with it!!!! This dish is a staple in our home. There are times when we can have it at least once a week. It is soothing, creamy, healthy and so damn delicious. I like eating it on its own, Tom and Ella like eating it atop some rice. This is definitely a family favorite, and any one who is introduced to it seems to love it too. There are more spices then ingredients, and so the prep is also very simple and budget friendly. You can share this at gatherings atop of rice, quinoa or spinach, or along side fresh bread, salad, roasted veg or steamed broccoli. So many options!

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