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I also wanted to mention I have created a 21 Day Deep Work Course! View Details Below 🙂

…21 days from now, you will know how to choose between the fearful and loving thoughts in your mind
…21 days from now, you will have decided for a kitchen workflow that works best for you and your family
…21 days from now, you will have developed the skills and new habits to help transform your life
…21 days from now, you will finally BE in alignment with your whole and healthy Self

Because 21 days from now,

you will know so much more of who you truly are and what you truly want.

I am here to help you, to love, care and support you through every step of this transformation.

For a limited time this intensive coaching program is yours for $200. 

The Goal of this Course is :

To help you develop new skills and discover new tools for self care & kitchen transformation. And to help you deeply connect with your divine inner strength so you are prepared to overcome all obstacles both in and out of the kitchen.

We will deeply explore these 3 areas:


We explore the thoughts & habits that interfere with living your best life possible. We also educate on where thoughts & beliefs originate from, so they can be undone at their source. You will receive practical tools and self care practices that will enable you to have a whole & healthy growth mindset for a whole and healthy life.

Whole Foods

Using whole foods that nourish the body, are critical for healthy living. In this course you will be educated on nutrition and whole foods. You will also experience practical exercises that help you to change food preferences and increase mindful eating. You will also learn how to gather healthy recipes that are delicious and nourishing for you and your family.


Organizing the kitchen and discovering your perfect kitchen workflow are imperative if you want to have a ease-filled kitchen & cooking experience. You will go through a 4 step process that will lead you through organizing your kitchen, as well as how to discover the perfect kitchen workflow for you and your family.

You will also Learn:

How to nourish yourself in body, Mind and Spirit everyday
 How to end unhealthy habits 
How to develop new and healthy habits in Mindset & Kitchen
How to become aware of your thinking
How to have a simplified kitchen workflow
How to organize your kitchen
How to handle stress in a more productive way
How to establish self care practices, that work
How to fall in love with vegetables and your True Self

You will have a community that loves and supports you

3 Private & Profound Live Chat’s with Britney and Our Community.

Added Bonus Material

An Extensive Workbook
Videos and Emails of Support, Education & Activities Every other day
Free Kitchen Wisdom Poster 
6 Months Ongoing Email Support (after completion of course)
Private Facebook Group with our Whole & Healthy Kitchen Course Community
4 Helpful PDF’s: Discover Your Perfect Kitchen Workflow, The Top 10 Tools for Transformation, Whole Food & Brain Food, Meals on Rotation Cookbook

 Certificate of Completion


“We can do together what you cannot do alone”

For a limited time this intensive coaching program is yours for $200.

21 Days * Weekly Meetings * Extensive Workbook * Practical Exercises 

Outline for this Course

This course is for people who are ready to improve the quality of their habits in mindset & kitchen.

Meet Your Coach

Britney Shawley

I am Founder of Whole & Healthy Kitchen. This Community has formed out of the desire to give what I have learned over the last decade. I used to binge eat and use food as a coping mechanism. I hated cooking and was caught in negative thought patterns about myself. All my suffering came to a head in my last and final year of University. My school went on strike and I had 16 weeks to listen within and decide what I was going to do with the rest of my life. It just so happened that I binge ate so much, that I had had enough with hurting myself. I called to the universe, God within, and asked for understanding. A voice answered me, and told me that up until that point in my life, I was living my life based on fear. In that same moment, I decided my life was now going to be based on Love instead. My mind was awakened, my purpose was shown me, and a new Love for Self was given me. After this life-changing experience University began again. I finished my degree with certainty of purpose and a love for God and Self that I never knew was possible. Soon after I graduated with a major in English Literature and minor in Psychology, I began studying Hypnosis, N.L.P and A Course in Miracles to help me understand 1) the power of my mind 2) how to undo my unhealthy habits 3) how to live a healthy and happy life of service. I found a system & approach that worked to solve all my problems. I proceeded to cook 3 meals a day and develop a skill of cooking that would bring me great peace. I also helped thousands of people around the world with my techniques, workshops, private sessions and videos. I have since arrived in my healthy body and healed perception of myself. I am also a Mom to a beautiful 3 year old named Ella, and  joyfully serve her, my family & friends everyday. I manage the busyness of home and work life in a way that transforms stress into power and overwhelm into joy. I look forward to teaching and educating you and others on how to find ease and joy inside yourself, in your kitchen experience and beyond.

This 21 Day Program for Transformation Begins:
March 7th 2019

Space is limited. Save your spot today! 

Decide today to transform your self-care & kitchen experience, and bring benefit to you, your family and our world.

This intensive coaching program is yours for $200.

If you are not completely satisfied with this course within 21 days, you will get your money back. No questions asked. Its as simple as that.