Thank You!

Thank you for saying yes to your healing and well-being. This is just the beginning of your inner and outer transformations, and I am honored to be able to be part of it. 

I encourage that you come to our sessions with water/tea, a notebook and tissues close by. Preferably in a quiet, comfortable place.

Looking forward to seeing you during our chosen time slot. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

With Love and Gratitude,

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I have been collecting delicious & nourishing recipes for what feels like forever!! I have made all of them available to you 🙂 Most are plant based / whole food… some include meat and dairy. All of them are nourishing, simple to make and delicious!!

This Miracle Morning Routine was created because you all asked me what I do in the morning and WHY!  I share an education video + my morning routine + a PDF to help you discover your own Miracle Morning routine!

This Spring Forward mini-book is a Toolbox of Tools that will help you to embrace a deeper understanding and application of daily self care.

The benefits of applying this mini book are:
  • A way to return to a calm center within

  • A healthier relationship to self and food

  • A 3 day well-balanced meal plan for you to follow

  • A process for refreshing & organizing your Kitchen

  • Ways to save time and be more mindful

  • Ways to connect with your Soul

  • A way to pray, to ask, to attract, to receive


This Study Group is for students and teachers of A Course In Miracles. who wants to go through the TEXT together.  If you are not yet an ACIM student but curious or uncertain of what ACIM is all about, we welcome you!!!

An online course for Awakening Moms and Souls who want to up-level their home cooking and bring more joy, mindfulness and confidence into their everyday life. Learn More


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I created this kitchen wisdom poster for you along side my husband Tom!! Its a FREE gift for you that you can print out and hang on your fridge, or inside a cupboard to remember Key Kitchen Wisdom! 🙂