Avocado, Vegetable & Sprout Sandwich – Best Ever!

Avocado, Vegetable Sandwich (Veggie Godwich) Vegan Gluten-Free Kid Friendly Vegetarian Title: Veggie Avocado & Sprout Sandwich Author:¬†Britney Shawley Recipe type:¬†Lunch Prep time:¬†10 minutes Cook time: 5¬†minutes Total time:¬†15¬†minutes Serves:¬†3¬†people This is the very sandwich that made Tom fall in love with Avocado. After he loved I mean LOVED this sandwich he let me put avocado …

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Broccoli Cheddar Sandwich

With only 4 ingredients, this sandwich is loaded with vitamins and deliciousness! Its the perfect lunch or side dish to a soup or stew or salad or roasted vegetables at dinner time.

Tuna Vegetable Salad (two ways!)

Tuna Vegetable Salad (two ways!) No Gluten Kid Friendly Vegetarian Title:¬†Tuna Vegetable Salad Author:¬†Britney Shawley Recipe type:¬†Lunch Prep time:¬†5¬†minutes Cook time: 0¬†minutes Total time:¬†10¬†minutes Serves:¬†2-3¬†people¬† This is my childhood favorite lunch memory. I remember my mom used to make this, and it would be the only time I would eat celery. The mix of the …

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Avocado & Egg on Toast‚Äč

Avocado & Egg on Toast‚Äč Organic Eggs Kid Friendly Vegetarian Dairy Free Title:¬†Avocado & Egg on Toast Author:¬†Britney Shawley Recipe type:¬†Dinner Prep time:¬†5¬†minutes Cook time: 5¬†minutes Total time:¬†10¬†minutes Serves:¬†3-4 people¬† Avocado & Egg on Toast is our “go to” breakfast option. Especially with a soft boiled egg with coconut oil on avocado and sprouted grain …

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