Now is the time to Spring Forward,

in your Kitchen and Your Life.

This mini-book is a Toolbox of Tools that will help you to embrace a deeper understanding and application of daily self care and wholesome home cooking.

It is filled with simple and practical tools that meet you where you are, and help you to make subtle shifts that overtime, will make a massive impact on how you show up for your family and in your life.

The benefits of applying this mini book are:

  • A way to return to a calm center within
  • A healthier relationship to self and food
  • A practical and healthy approach to mealtime and meal prep
  • A 3 day well-balanced meal plan for you to follow
  • A process for refreshing & organizing your Kitchen
  • Ways to save time and be more mindful
  • Ways to connect with your Soul
  • A way to pray, to ask, to attract, to receive

It is my hope that this mini-book will help you to rise up during covid,
to spring forward during this season
and to shine your brightest light for your family and world to see.


It’s so fabulous! It’s so beautiful!  I was a little nervous because I don’t do eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, and nutritional yeast, but there was soooo much good stuff in there. Thank you for all your hard work! 

OMG!! I love your Spring Forward book so much!! I am amazed at all the practical and helpful content, as well as all the links for further resources that are contained within it. I can’t stop turning to it and using it. Thank you so much for making this Britney!!!”

“Its already helping me to approach and view my kitchen and my life in a new way. Which is bringing me more calm, and that is exactly what I need at this time. I am forever grateful. “

Can You Relate to Any of these?

You lack routine / structure when it comes to self care or mealtime
You feel anxious, lose hope or get lost in stories about “what might happen” in the future
You are unsure of what food to make, and how to make it healthy or taste delicious
You struggle with eating too much and now feel heavier,  tired or stressed
You could benefit from a quick Spring Clean in your Kitchen or home
You want to enhance your health and boost your immune system
You experience overwhelm or resistance to doing what you need to do each day
You want to strengthen your Abundant Mindset
You experience anxiety or fear around cooking or just living life these days
You need to learn hacks to save time in the kitchen and beyond 
You struggle to consistently connect to your Soul and/or a Power Greater than your Self

If you relate to any of these, then this e-book is for you.


For a limited time.
When you buy this SPRING FORWARD MINI BOOK, you will get this Covid-19 resource for FREE!!!!!

Since we share a collective pain point – “Covid 19” – I felt extremely called to help in this department. So I put together a Private Resource with videos, tools, games, education, and recipes for you to dive into and use as a resource to help you and your family during this trying time.

Download Yours Today

I hope you enjoy applying this book and return to it many times so it can help you to SPRING FORWARD in your kitchen and your life. If you do not find benefit after you read it through, there is a full money back guarantee.

This mini book demands and inspires action.
It gives you the tips, ideas & resources to enhance your relationship to food and to your own soul within, but it will only work if you do.
There are spots underneath each section for you to answer questions and ‘do’ the work.
When you do the work, consistently, you will see the results and feel a calm inner peace that radiates light and helps you spring forward in all your think and do.

The Results You Can Expect Are:

🌷The ability to deal with Anxiety & negative emotions with ease and gentleness
🌷Self care practices that you are inspired to do every day to enhance the thoughts you think and food you eat
🌷A quick refresh / reorganization of your kitchen
🌷A process for preparing nourishing & well-balanced meals
🌷A 3 day simple and delicious meal plan to follow
🌷Improvement in breathing and settling into your calm
🌷Application of abundance & attraction principles that will bring to you what you want and need
🌷Feeling connected to your Soul, which will help you to best help your family with grace instead of overwhelm

🌷and more…

About the Author

I am Britney Shawley. Founder of Whole & Health Kitchen, a Mom, Mindset Coach, Holistic Nutrition based Foodie and your biggest support system to awaken your Love for Self & wholesome home-cooking!

I have always loved to help others and been in the coaching profession for 10 years. Early on however, it was very difficult for me to help myself. I used to have a terrible relationship to food. I would binge eat every night, never cooked healthy meals and became overweight and unhappy because of  it. It wasn’t until I learned how to train my mind and nourished myself daily through well-balanced meals, that my weight fell off and my whole life changed.

I now dedicate my time to pouring my skills, education and talents into my mission of increasing the quality of health and happiness on this planet. I believe this shift IS happening,  and we all have a part in it. We can start with ourselves, in our own minds, with our own families and in our own kitchen. I am committed to helping you to embrace whole and healthy cooking and living, with simplicity and with joy.

May you Spring Forward in your life, through your healthy relationship to Self & Cooking.

🌿🌷Britney Shawley

Download Yours Today

I hope you enjoy applying this book and return to it many times so it can help you to SPRING FORWARD in your kitchen and your life. If you do not find benefit after you read it through, there is a full money back guarantee.

 For Free!!

  The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.
When our mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

“11 Ways to Spring Forward”
Copyright 2019 – Whole & Healthy Kitchen
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