If you want to increase the healthy meals that you / your children eat…
offering “Spreads” or “Family Platters” at meal time is an excellent way to do so.

💜Be sure to put all your ingredients (veggies, wraps, sauces, toppings) in separate bowls on the table
so each family member can choose what ingredients they want to go into their wrap/bowl/pizza etc.
💜This encourages family meals and conversations as well as healthier and happier eating.

'Spreads' / Family Platters Inspiration

🗸Use whatever ingredients you have on hand.
🗸You do not have to use the exact ingredients / veggies I use. #keepitsimple
🗸Incorporate more vegetables,  ferments, whole grains  and plant based proteins where you can

Mini Pizza’s! Who doesn’t love pizza first of all, second of all when you can choose your own toppings and work your love into the pizza as you make it and bake it, its really a wonderful shared experience. Choose to make it on Naan Bread, Flatbread or homemade sourdough pizza dough. Branch out and try different cheese, toppings and a salad on the side.  Recipe Here

Red Lentil Wraps. We love these. The fresh raw (or sauteed or roasted) veggies + the red lentil mixture makes this a well rounded meal, and beloved by many. Don’t worry, the red lentils have no flavor except what you put in them!  i add simple garlic powder, coconut oil and soya sauce and my husband says it tastes like chicken. Bonus.
Recipe Here.

Buddha Bowls!  One of the most nourishing and simple yet super delicious meals out there. I love it as well as you have your full well balanced meal in one bowl that you can hold in your hands!! How can you not feel like the buddha when eating these 🙂 I have a few options for you each varying the dressing and toppings a bit.
Recipe Here ➕Recipe Here ➕ Recipe Here

PAD THAI! Yes please. Its surprisingly super kid friendly as it is made with a peanut butter sauce!!! I suggest putting the sauce over all the noodles first, then putting the noodles out in a bowl, along side the toppings and extra sauce so everyone can serve themselves. This is a always a big hit!
Recipe Here.

Black Bean Burritos!! These are also a family favorite. We have them at least once a week. They are so versatile. Sometimes roasted veggies, sometimes a pesto, sometimes a hummus, sometimes sauteed veg. It can change every time you serve which is great as it never gets old / boring. Recipe Here.

Fish tacos!! They can be so easy!! You do not have to bread your own fish, but you can and I do often. But sometimes you are too busy or you are not quite ready for that step yet. And that’s ok! Today I give you a way to make typical fish fingers in a box, more healthy and nourishing as a whole meal. Recipe Here.

  • Remember to take a look at the ingredients if you are buying fish sticks. Ensure that it does not have ingredients you cannot pronounce. I like this brand. Look at the ingredients as an example. Its not perfect, but its a better option.

Never forget the classic crackers and cheese and then some. I always add vegetables and fruit to my platter. Often kale salads as well as hummus to dip veg and crackers. Dill dip is a favorite too. You can add to  many variations of crackers and cheese and pickled things to this plate that it really does make it a lot of fun. You can also throw in some goldfish crackers or chocolate balls for fun!  Recipe Here.