Helpful Resources to Help You and
Your Family Stay Calm and Sane.
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I know that this can be a difficult time for many of us.
Work gets canceled or severely slowed down.
We are surrounded my media, fear and often panic.
We have fears of food shortage, and family members not being able to work.
Our kids are at our ankles wanting to be entertained all day.
What do we do to keep all afloat, when life just isn’t the same?

I have come to see that we must stay calm, learn new approaches, and adapt.
We must use this time to think and listen, to make home-cooked meals, to pray and be together.

I set up this resource for you, so you know where to look for ideas and inspiration on how to think about, respond to, and care for your family during the corona virus outbreak.

Below is some videos from me (and my 4 year old Ella!) healthy recipes, mindset tips and activities you can do for your self and with the kids and family. If you want any added assistance, email me anytime:

Educational Videos

Social Distancing & Pantry Essentials to Boost Immunity. Why should be practice Social Distancing?
What are the Pantry Essentials we should have to Boost Immunity?

Breathing exercises and Daily Routines for Adults and Kids. Discover What routines should we set up for the kids? for work? for food?


In the video I discuss the top 6 Healthy Nesting Habits to help overcome seasonal depression. I also mention where depression comes from and some products that can help our nervous system to calm down enough for us to really look at and correct our thinking.

Here are 4 Simple Meditation Techniques.
Meditation is essential for connection to Self and a calm state of mind. Both of which are needed to have and enjoyable kitchen/cooking experience and to be able to adapt to the ever changing environment of covid.


This Corona Virus has us all confused and staying home. Find out why this is happening, what this means for us all, and small things we can do to help ourselves and others. This is our Collective Wake Up Call.

I offered 2 individual card readings, a collective card reading and healing meditations. I suggest listening to this knowing that there is a message in it for you. Many people reached out to me after I did this, and told me it brought them chills and tears and energy of acceptance. We all need some guidance and healing at this time. I hope this video brings both.

Here are 3 simple techniques that can help you shift from sour & negative thoughts, to positive and true thoughts in an instant.
1) Morning Routine
2) Ask for Help
3) Singing
You will also learn in this talk what the different levels of consciousness are.

Discover the physical and spiritual nature of a good meal. What does this mean and how does this apply to you and your family?

Enjoy this 15 minute Love Yourself Meditation / Activation to clear away negative thoughts and energy and to welcome the love, power and peace of your own soul.

Discover What are some “High Energy Foods” + How to prevent a “Negative Downward Spiral”.


Want Health, Happiness, Healing, Freedom? Mind Training offers all of it. 
Today you will learn:
1) Why you need to Train your Mind
2) What is Mind
3) How do you Train your Mind
4) How mind training leads to Health and Healing T

Educate Your Self! This is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your skills in cooking and self care. You can take it slow and at your own pace. But it can be extremely helpful to be surrounded by fellow souls who are walking the same path as you and can support you in all the ways you need. Learn more


My Favorite Song. And Favorite Canadaian Artist. #LeanOnMe

Thank you front line workers!  This song is for you!

Simple Recipes with Pantry Essentials

Click on images for recipes

There are many recipes you can make with simple pantry ingredients.
I share these recipes often with my mailing list . If you are not on my list yet, sign up here.
If you want you can also browse my recipes.

Activities for the Kids / Family

I have been wanting to make playdough for a really long time, but all the recipes I found needed cream of tar tar and I just didn;t have it. I then came across this recipe through Ella’s school and its perfect. Its a great consistency, uses household materials, and you can add essential oils!  We liked lavender 🙂

This is kindness bingo!! Feel free to make your own variation with your own ideas of kindness.  This bingo is just the way to spark kindness in the hearts of our kids. And inspire us to take some actions towards kindness, too.

Make a chart. Lets kids choose what they want to do. Put a sticker on what they choose. Focus on that task that day in ALL you do. Next day, choose something else!  Its fun for the kids to have a say, but this way you get to choose the things you want to focus on, and have an activity/focus for the day to bring into all you do. Example: Your kid chose math. When you are out for a walk you can make a game out of counting how many red cars go by, or asking them to count the number of birds in a tree, etc.


Find Rocks outside, clean them, paint them, put inspiring messages on them and spread them around the neighborhood to spread the Love. The animal rocks are  from the dollar store!  We used acrylic paint so that it does not chip off.And covered it with a clear gloss, but that is not necessary. The kids have a great time making them, giving them and then finding them around the neighborhood.


This is a wonderful video that uses imagination, silence, yoga, and play to inspire kids to be active and have fun!  Great for parents to get involved in as well.

We are staying home during corona, and we do little experiments and games each day. Today is a science experiment using only water, dish soap and pepper! Enjoy!

Fancy Dinner!!! We got creative and had a fun loving fancy family dinner. We are committing to doing one of these every month until we can go out on real dates again.

This video is called  “The Listening Game” by Cosmic Kids Zen Den. Its a Mindfulness activity for kids and works wonders to help them listen and calm down.

Learn how to Belly Breathe and calm down with Elmo!! This is a sweet song that encourages our children to deal with their emotions most effectively.

Listen to a reading of our Family Favorite Book “I am Peace” by Susan Verde

Use chalk to make the most exciting hop scotches ever!! We always have one of these in our front yard to enjoy, and have the neighbors enjoy while walking by, too.

Extra Resources

Sourdough bread has been come a weekly love of my life!!! I love it so much, that I wrote a blog to teach you 1) how to make a starter 2) how to keep it alive and 3) how to bake the best bread n the world!!!

I am sure you have alot of beans in your cupboard too. If not, get some!  Especially dried red lentils, black beans, chickpeas. And then chickpeas and black beans in a can. You can make so much with these simple pantry ingredients. Here is a clog “How to Soak, Cook & Sprout Lentils & Beans.” so you know what to do with them. Also be sure to check out my recipes to find many delicious recipes for legumes. 


Spices make everything taste delicious AND it adds extra nourishment. Fear not spices, use spices as a way to learn to trust yourself in the kitchen. Learn more about How to Use Spices on this blog.

The gold mine of Salad Dressings, Dips & Sauces. Sometimes what a meal needs to take it from ‘ok’ to ‘amazeballs’, is a simple dressing, sauce or dip. Here are some of my favorites!


Self care is essential at this time.
I recommend starting your day with a Morning Routine! Don’t have one yet? Need to perfect the one you have? Check out this resource.


I created this Kitchen Wisdom Poster for you. Print it out and hang it on the inside of a cupboard or on your fridge. Let it be a daily reminder of your dedication to health and wellness for you and your family.


 My goal is to provide as much content as possible, to help you and your family move through this Corona Virus experience with gentleness and community. I will be sharing tips, tools and support every day in our private facebook group.