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We are dedicated to the Healing of our Minds and bodies for the Salvation of the World.

*Goals: Overcome Anxiety, Develop Trust, Learn about Sexuality and Decision Making with Spirit

Your Recordings

Session 1: Make No Decisions (except for God) & Practice Trust.

Session 2:
Unlearning past beliefs and learning God is Love

Session 3: Surrender

Session 4: Coddling Baby

Session 5: Extend the Love there is nothing to fear

Session 6: Let go of Control and Let God Lead

Your Resources

Session 1: Make No Decisions (except for God) & Practice Trust.

  1. When you notice overwhelm trying to grab at you remember all you have to do is BE. Take a step back, breathe and remind yourself that you need not make any decisions by yourself. You will be told all you need to know. 
  2. There is no sacrifice or loss in deciding fully for Gods Will (All true pleasure and Joy comes from doing Gods will) Read this:
  3. Trust the voice that answers when you ask if HS is there. It is warm, peaceful and feels like home
  4. Make no decisions at this time, decide only for God
  5. Read Rules for Decision Ch30 and write it out as a reminder
  6. Develop your morning routine and reference this:

**Next week go through physical impulses section of ACIM together

Lesson 2 – 22/04/21
unlearning old beliefs and learning that God is Love

  1. Belief: I have a fear of God/peace and that if I give Him 100% I will lose control, lose something that I want and that God will not be there/real / nothing after this life
  2. What do I gain? That God is not real and anxiety and that I am right in this belief
  3. Where does this belief come from? a) my mind cant understand it b) my parents stopping Catholicism and believing in a God/after life
  4. What are you trying to prove? that there is no God and that  I will be the one to figure this out on my own (hero complex)
  5. What do you REALLY want? To know that acim/God is true/love and that there is nothing to fear. 
  6. I will know Ive acheive this by a) less anxiety 2) more peace/love/trust

1) Every evening and morning affirm your thought: ” I dedicate today to unlearning past beliefs and remembering that there is a God of Love who Loves me” thank you thank you thank you

2) Start course lessons from beginning?

3) Reference these lessons for assistance: 1) There is a world beyond this world that I want 2) Gods will for me is perfect happiness 3) Heaven is a decision I must make

4) Get the book: Journey of Souls Michael Newton

**next week go through physical impulses


Session 3: Surrender

1. Contemplate why you are where you are and with who you are with at this time
2. Be mindful through out your day to ask and remember the above question
3. Lean into acceptance of what is, and letting the future, along with what you think you want, go. If what you think you want IS in your highest good, it will remain. If its not, it will dissipate. Both outcomes must be acceptable to you because you want peace, and you want the will of God (which is where all joy, certainty, and true pleasure comes from)
4. Be OK in the not knowing. Stay in the space.
5. Slow down, and think things through a bit more. 
6. Contemplate and think about your past with dad. Any more memorize or feelings or resistance that needs to rise?

Is there anything you are afraid to give up?
If was molested by man when younger child, makes sense subconsciously you want to push dad (your husband) away to avoid future pain for child.

Next week:
Let discuss your dream in more detail. Exploring any past trauma will be of first importance. 
I will take photo copy of physical impulses page, and I will share it with you to go through it. 
“In any situation where you experience inappropriate sex impulses you should invite me (Jesus) to enter, and then he will replace it (the sexual attraction) with love” [[[He wants to step between you and your fantasies so holy spirit can release you from the sexual attraction]]]

*** Ask question: “If God is so good, why is the world so messed up??
*** Anxiety with IVF


  • Pregnancy Power Decisions
    • Calm
    • gratitude / take it all in
    • Saftey
    • Happiness/Joy

Your new approach to anxiety

  • cuddle baby “Its ok baby”
  • Soothe the baby and soothe yourself
  • Imagine it in nature. Grounded. Connected.

There is nothing to fear

We are souls always choose to come here. We have free will. 

But we did not choose suffering. So we must decide NOT to suffer

“My Soul came to end suffering. Just like my baby is”

Mind Training has a goal = experience of Self as Soul/Love




Use the section below to add any realizations / comments / questions.
So much Love for you, Britney  

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