Pray-Love-Cook: Discovering the Most Helpful Mindset

Prayer unlocks our reason for cooking.
Love pours forth (for self and others) through the act of cooking.
Good and delicious food that brings us together is the effect of cooking.

A mindset is a way of seeing our self and the world.
It is what drives our every action and inaction. 
It is what gets us up in the morning, inspired and grateful to be alive.
Or dreading our day and our tasks at hand
When our mindset is healthy and whole, so will our life reflect it. 
It is my goal in this blog, to help you to connect with your inner most helpful mindset,
so you can BE your best self in and out of the kitchen.

Watch this video!
I dive into how to “Pray, Love & Cook” as well as how embody “Patience, Commitment, Devotion” everyday. I do all of this within the first 10 minutes. In the last 10 minutes, I share a personal story of how I embodied all the above in my life, while pregnant & traveling!

Stick with me in this video. Its 20 minutes that are well worth it!!! It will give you a glimpse into the most helpful mindset to have in the kitchen.

The most helpful qualities of Mind and BEing that I have come to know are:
Patience, Commitment, Devotion
Think of these 3 powerful mindsets when you are reading the remainder of this blog.
Also notice in what areas do you need to enhance your patience, commitment or devotion the most?

“What you see reflects your thinking, and your thinking but reflects the choice of what you want to see.” – A Course In Miracles


I talk a lot about discovering your “why“, both in my blogs and in my courses. I do so because we may not always enjoy the act of cooking itself, but we can fall in love with the reason why we want to cook. This reason will make the action of cooking enjoyable and worthwhile. The best way to discover your WHY is 1) through prayer 2) through question asking. Prayer and question asking point us inwards. They help us to ask within, listen within, and welcome the reason and PURPOSE for why we want to cook from within!  I cannot express how important it is to have a reason to cook. Our why is not to lose weight or because I have too, they may be the effects of good cooking, but they are not deep enough or good enough reasons to jazz you up enough everyday to do it. Your reason for wanting to cook is written on your soul,. This is why PRAYER is the first step in having the most helpful mindset. You can listen to the wisdom of your own soul, and learn how to receive the why that inspires, motivates and lights you up from the inside out. I like to describe prayer in this simple way: Prayer is a quiet time of listening and loving.

My favorite prayer: “The most powerful thought is a prayerful thought. When I’m praying for you, I am praying for my own peace of mind. I can only have for myself what I am willing to wish for you.” 
― Marianne Williamson, Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment


First of all, Love is a Power. It is what we are. The more we connect with this Love as an inward condition, and we use this love in our every day thoughts and actions, we will be living a life of love instead of fear. The best way you can bring the love into your cooking experience is by “thinking things through”. You must 1) Think about what you want to make the upcoming week 2) buy ingredients for those chosen meals 3) stick to your list and be committed to making your meals. All of this is loving for you and for your family.

When you go through this process of your own specialized meal planning, and find structure in how you approach making meals- the stress is GONE. You will naturally follow a system you lay out for yourself, and you will automatically step up to the plate and fulfill your part in healthy thinking, eating and BEing. 

I want to help you to step out of your own way, to connect with purpose within and to let the love that you are shine through you. Enabling love to beam on through unabated, you will be touched by this love, you will work this love into your food and you will feel the effects of this love in everything else that you do.

A Beautiful Quote on Love:  
″You are the work of God, and His work is wholly lovable and wholly loving.
This is how a man must think of himself in his heart, because this is what he is.”
“God is not partial. All His children (you and me) have His total Love,
and all His gifts are freely given to everyone alike.”

A Course in Miracles 


Cooking is a shared need. When we see how eating healthy effect our mindset, our energy levels, our immune system and our state of well-being, we realize its importance. When we say yes to stepping up and taking our position in bringing nourishment to others, we are then caring for them AND caring for ourselves. This circle of care, is what provides the environment for love, creativity and relationships to blossom. You can demonstrate that  you care and love, through the food you make and eat. 

I do get it though….Cooking is not easy. It takes time, it takes effort, it takes practice, it takes cleaning, it takes planning and it takes follow through. The pure joy of cooking comes after you have developed a workflow, after you have learned how to use your mind, after you get comfortable with ingredients and your cooking experience. And yet what is there in this world that does not take patience, commitment and follow through? Nothing. We might as well put our efforts where they are needed the most. They are needed right at home, in our kitchen and with the food we eat and make. Start where you are, and let the love and gestures of care begin and extend through you into the food you make.

A beautiful quote on cooking/food:

“When man becomes able to manage his food,
He expands his memory towards Infinity.
When his memory expands infinitely, his
Dream develops without end. Though his
Body is small, the ocean of his spirit
Is boundless, beyond time and space.
It penetrates to the beginningless
Beginning, and it embraces the endless end.”
January 1977, The Book of Macrobiotics


Take time every day to be still and to connect with your SELF.

Take time to listen within and remember WHY you want to cook whole and healthy. Keep that why and reason for cooking at the foreground of your mind to motivate you every day.

Take time everyday to think about the food your want to make each week. You want to be prepared ahead of time, and free of stress or overwhelm to cook the food you want to make and eat each day. 

The mindset qualities of ‘Patience, Commitment & Devotion‘ are what will enable you to Pray, Love & Cook daily.

means being able to tolerate delay, mistakes or the time it takes to learn as new skill, without quitting or getting upset
Commitment means being totally dedicated to your cause / activity that you actively work  on it and towards it everyday
Devotion means giving entirely of your mind, body and soul to deep love in self and others through the thoughts you think and actions you take

1. Set a time when you will be still for at least 10 minutes everyday (morning? lunchtime? before bed?) 
Write your daily time commitment for stillness here:_____________________________________
2. Set aside 30 minutes to get clear on your WHY. What day and time do you commit to yourself to do this?
Write the day and time you will get clear on your why, here:___________________________________________
3. Set aside the time every day, that you will think about what you are going to make the following day. 
Write here what time each day you will think about and prepare some food for the next day:_____________________
4. What day, each week, will you take time to think about and prepare for the meals you will cook that week?
Write here what day and time you will prepare food for the week?_______________________________________

When you apply patience, commitment and devotion to the acts of Prayer, Love and Cooking-
your life will be transformed in the most wondrous ways.

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