Overcome Unhealthy Food Habits


Change your Mind, Change your Habits

Britney Shawley

I used to have a backwards relationship to myself and food. I would binge eat and use food as a coping mechanism, while telling myself I was unable to change... and yet I hated on how "fat" I was.
During University I had an experience that taught me there was a power greater than myself, and I knew that I could Trust it. I learned how to listen, pray and how to correct my mistakes. I learned how to use my mind and helped others do the same. I dedicated my time and my life to learning how to serve, and in helping others I helped myself.
Now I teach what I have learned and dive deeply into the areas of Mindset, Healing, Cooking, Creating, Loving our selves, our food and each other. I am now a mom to my 3 year old daughter Ella, and I am walking the path of my purpose side-by-side with my partner Tom, and I am grateful to share my life and purpose with them through the food I make everyday. I am offering this webinar, because I want to share how I overcame binge eating and unhealthy thoughts about myself, and what whole and healthy means to me.

During this webinar you will:

Know Exactly where to Start 
Discover Helpful Tools & Practical Approaches
Learn how to untie your Identity from your Unhealthy Habits

Receive added bonus material such as a kitchen wisdom poster and practical videos on motivation straight to your inbox.

Discover that you are Supported & Loved

This webinar is only $25

You will receive this webinar and added bonus material such as a kitchen wisdom poster and practical videos on motivation, straight to your inbox!

I will help you strengthen your desire and ability to change.

More About this Webinar

 I will teach you how to undo unhealthy habits & their many negative effects

 You will learn where these repetitive habits and self sabotage come from

 You will learn that there is another way to use your mind in your relationship to food 

 I promise to meet you where you are and teach you what you need to know
so you can change your mind and habits around food.  

 90 minutes  Q & A  Free Kitchen Wisdom Poster  Community Support

Learn how to overcome unhealthy eating today. 
Space is limited! 

Date: Today.

This webinar is only $25.

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