Kitchen Alchemy Course

Transform your Mindset and learn to love to Cook

This Course is for Moms who are ready to choose nourishing thoughts, foods and actions everyday.

When we think better and eat better we feel better, and can better care for our family and our world.

About Kitchen Alchemy:

This Course, as a dear friend pointed out to me, are the fruits of my own forgiveness.

I used to abuse food, struggle with what to eat, didn’t like cooking and had no time for it.  I now love food, find joy in cooking and more importantly love myself. 

Once I changed my thinking about food, my actions around food and self care changed. The more I cared for myself and others well, the more I thrived in my every day life.

In this Course I teach you how to transform you mindset and habits, so you can transform your kitchen and cooking. This change will naturally ripple out to bless your whole life.

Britney’s two greatest gifts to her many students are 1) her presence and 2) her passion. It doesn’t matter if you’re an award-winning chef or if you’re just trying to keep it together for yourself or your family, Britney’s approach can change everything. She truly is the “Marie Kondo” of the kitchen, mindset and self-love. Britney exudes by example that how you approach your food and your kitchen is how you approach life. She certainly taught me all that and more! -Paul McKenzie, Vancouver BC – Alchemy Graduate

You need Alchemy NOW if you...

  • Eat fast food or processed food more than you would like
  • Don’t know what ‘eating healthy’ means or how to make healthy food taste good
  • Don’t like cooking and see it as another dreaded chore 
  • Self sabotage with food 
  • Want to cook but have no time to cook
  • Want to apply A Course in Miracles to your relationship to food
  • See yourself in a negative light or as ‘not good enough’
  • Feel ungrounded or disconnected or stressed
  • Find it hard to get your family on board with eating healthy 

**These issues will NOT change on their own. They require your attention and commitment to overcome them.  

When you apply this Course you can expect these Outcomes:

  1. Confidence in knowing how to cook, what to cook and how to do so efficiently
  2. Cultivation of a natural ‘pause’ in your way of thinking and behaving 
  3. A revamped kitchen that is organized with tools and pantry essentials
  4. You nourish your (and your families) gut, brain, body and mind everyday
  5. Confidence in shopping for whole and healthy ingredients 
  6. Understanding how Mind works and how to train Mind to undo inner blocks, sabotage and overwhelm
  7. Think differently about yourself, cooking food and eating healthy
  8. The ability to ‘step back & allow’ Love/ Spirit to guide you in your kitchen and life

"As we change our mind we can transform all things,
including our relationship to self, food, cooking and the world."

This is For you if you want to...

  • Make wiser food decisions
  • Cook with Spirit /Love 
  • Overcome fear, overwhelm, stress, self doubt
  • Enhance your cooking skills and improve your Kitchen environment
  • Make healthy and delicious meals everyday
  • Improve your mental, physical and spiritual health
  • Want to learn about Gut Health
  • Apply Spiritual Laws / Truths to your relationship to food
  • See yourself as the Alchemist, capable of making beautiful food creations and living a healthy and happy life

"You have arrived for a purpose. To optimally nourish yourself, your family & future generations .... One Day, One thought, One Meal at a Time."

Save your seat!

Program Length 12 weeks
Weekly Commitment 2 hours
Class Time Monday 12pm EST

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The 3 Modules of this Course are:

Mindset Module


Learn how to:
  • Undo inner blocks (such as overwhelm, stress, sabotage) 
  • Cultivate an inner pause / stillness
  • Think differently about food and what ‘healthy’ means
  • Rule your mind instead of it ruling you
  • Let Spirit guide you in the kitchen and life
  • Solve problems creatively
  • Discover your ‘why’ and purpose in the kitchen
  • Enhance your self perception and self confidence
  • Trust in a power greater than yourself
Whole Foods Module

Whole Foods

Learn about:
  • Whole foods and how to shop for  them, cook them and turn them into well-balanced meals
  •  Gut Health and why what you eat matters.
  • Superfoods, Snacks and Healthy Lunches
  • The Food System and how its not set up to support health
  • How to Eat to Nourish
  • Flavor Enhancers so you can make delicious meals the whole family enjoys
  • How to Meal Prep / Meal Plan with ease
Nourishment Module

Kitchen Workflow

  • How to organize, clean and stock your kitchen [with Joy!]
  • What your cooking and pantry essentials are
  • How to make your own cookbook with recipes your family with love
  • How to make meal time fun (and overcome picky eating)
  • How to have an abundance of rhythm and flow in your kitchen
  • Cultivate Calm and Confident Cooking habits

What to Expect in each module:

You will receive with this Course:

  1. A detailed, whole and complete workbook containing all education and resources for the 3 modules 
  2. An online dashboard where you can keep track of your progress and is your haven for all things whole and healthy
  3. A customizable cookbook with wholesome and delicious well-balanced meal ideas
  4. A collection of  healthy recipes that you can follow, step-by-step
  5. Many exercises and activities you can do for mind training that bring emotional and mental release
  6. Many exercises and activities you can do for new cooking/shopping/cleaning habits
  7. Many spiritual and A Course in Miracles thoughts and perceptions sprinkled through out

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone receives access to Mindset, Whole Foods, Kitchen Workflow Modules that include Educational Video’s and PDF’s.  These you can ‘take at your own pace’ but I encourage you to reference and practice the tools daily for the 3 months that we are together. 

Students of the upgraded package have the ability to comment on each lesson, share about them selves and their experiences as well as ask questions or respond to others comments. You are encouraged to use the comment section in the dashboard for consistent support and accountability.

For the Upgraded package we also have an online Facebook group where we communicate every day and every Sunday we will meet on zoom for a 1 hour live training/ workshop and 1 hour of Q&A or meditation/breathwork.

Each gathering will be customized to each cohort to ensure they receive the exact help that they need.  

Your best is expected of you. This is a 3 month course. When you commit to this, read the lessons, apply the tools and show up for class, you will undoubtedly learn a new skill and find more peace within and in your kitchen. 

This is an extensive course though and you will have unlimited access to it forever so you can return to it again and again.

You can also choose to go at your own pace, and purchase only the digital copy.

The Community and Attitudinal Support plan is held once a year (for now), beginning always in March and ending in May. If you miss one round, you can sign up to be notified for the next round.

The Lifetime Digital Access plan is always available. 

What is asked of you is to do your best.

Reading through the material, watching the videos and applying it to your kitchen is highly suggested.

If you join the Community and Attitudinal Support Plan, you are asked to show up to the Live Trainings / Meditations / Cooking Sessions. Only 2 hours a week for 12 weeks. However, if you cannot make these gatherings, all of them are recorded for you to listen to in your own time. 

Yes of course!  This Course is open for anyone who is called to attend. We welcome everyone.

This Course is directed to moms because I am a mom, and I also want to highlight the beauty and strength of being a mom that spends time in the kitchen to love, nourish and prepare meals for the family. 

What Graduate Students Are Saying

Commit to Whole Health Today

Lifetime Digital Access

Lifetime access to the potent teachings of Kitchen Alchemy
$ 249
  • Very detailed, whole and complete Kitchen Alchemy Workbook
  • Access to an online dashboard where you keep track of your progress
  • Have access to all PDF's, videos and digital resources
  • Receive healthy meal inspiration and community forum support
  • Your dashboard is an online haven for all things whole and healthy
  • Access to all dashboard upgrades and growing community features

*Installments and Scholarships are available.
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Testimonial for meditation and breathwork
  Wow Britney. You started so gentle. You met me where I was. You helped me to feel and see things. I cried and released and now I am super happy. This was a ride I want to go on again and again. My breathe, you and spirit as my guide is so comforting for me. Looking forward to next class! (Kris – Kitchen Alchemy graduate)

*Your Detailed Kitchen Alchemy Workbook Manual 

*Your Kitchen Wisdom Poster

Cooking and Mindset Advanced Support

12 weeks to make your life and kitchen easier, healthier and more joyous
$ 1111
  • Includes everything in Lifetime Digital Access PLUS
  • 12 Weeks of advanced support from Britney & our Soulful Alchemy Community
  • 12 weekly 2 hour Live Trainings / Workshops [zoom]
  • Live Trainings include: Q&A, Meditations, 'Cook with Me' classes
  • Access to Private Facebook Group where we connect deeply & honestly with each other
  • Personal Accountability and Daily Check-in's in this group
  • Extra PDF's with tools that support your awakening mind and heart
  • Extra PDF's with Customized Meal Plans & Recipes
  • A Kitchen Wisdom Poster to hang in your Kitchen
  • Access to Whole and Healthy Kitchen App (when it launches)
  • You can take the final Test and Receive a Certificate of Graduation

*Installments and Scholarships are available.
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  With your constant support in these trainings my mindset has shifted. I am now confident in the kitchen and creative with my meals. I’m truly enjoying the process. I’ve learned skills in how to plan meals, what to include, how to look at any old habits that are not serving me and how to create new ones to empower and simplify my life. Britney, you have a passion for teaching and helping others succeed. That’s so inspiring to me. I’m so grateful and honored to work with you. (Angelica Swanson -Kitchen Alchemy graduate)

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"When you decide to Cook with Love,
miracles happen. Even in the Kitchen."


Hello. Thank you for being here. I am a mom on a mission to enhance the quality health and happiness on our planet. I am a big believer that when we train our minds, and align to Universal Spiritual laws that miracles can happen. I’ve witnessed that in my own relationship to food. I once was sabotaging myself every day, binge eating every night and suffering every morning. I would continue to put on a smile and pretend all was well, all the while in digestive and emotional pain as the scale tipped way over 200 pounds at 5″4. I was hurting and I needed help. I felt I had no where to turn for help in this world, and so I called to a power greater than myself to answer me. To my surprise my call of the heart was answered. In an instant I was shown that only love is real, that I have a part to play in Gods plan for peace and that I will be guided very specifically in how to heal and how to help others. I committed to this new way of seeing and being and have continued to follow this faith driven, totally unconventional life ever since. I am here to be me, and inspire you to love and accept you… so you too can heal your relationships to food and bring more joy and gratitude to your daily cooking and your life. 

I have been an A Course In Miracles Teacher since 2010 and a Spiritual Psychotherapist since 2011. I have also extensively studied Holistic Nutrition and live its principles in my daily cooking and food decisions. 

I am honored to be able to share the blessings that came to me through forgiveness through out this course. As cooking has now become a spiritual experience for me because I let Spirit / Love cook through me now.  

This is a beautiful journey we are on together, and I welcome you to be part of it 🙂

Sincerely your biggest support system as you awaken to Love for Self and wholesome home-cooking,
Britney Shawley xo

Commit to Whole & Healthy Today

Britney Shawley @WholeAndHealthyKitchen 2023