Introduction to Kitchen Alchemy Course

⭐IMPORTANT Please read the notes in all the sections, below this video

📚Notes to Remember

⭐Say HELLO in the comments below!! Tell us a bit about you / your family.
⭐Download / Print Your Workbook for each of the lessons. Get a Binder as well. Its not  necessary to print this course as all is online, but recommended if you can.
⭐PIN the Kitchen Alchemy Dashboard to your browser. Open the dashboard then
Right click on tab, then left click on “pin tab”.
⭐ Scroll to the bottom of your dashboard for the Calendar with our Breathwork Sessions and Live Trainings. Add the dates to your own calendar!
⭐A new APP coming soon in 2021 to help with applying this course and setting reminders. Until then set reminders in your phone / calendar each day to stay committed in going through this course. I recommend 10 to 30 minutes a day.
⭐Help others by contributing to the comment section below
⭐Join our Educational Facebook group
⭐Share this course with others. When they sign up, I will give you $20!!

🍳ACTION Steps when going through Course

⭐ Press the”Click me when Complete Button at the bottom of each lesson when you finished that lesson
⭐ Use the Table of Contents(see pink box above on Left) in each lesson to choose which lesson you want to go to next. (I recommend going in order) You can also choose which lesson you want to go to on your Dashboard.
⭐Be consistent. Be committed. Be patient to achieve results both within and in your kitchen

⭐ ⭐⭐ I did not mention this in the video:
There are simple RECIPES for you to try at home assigned to each lesson. They are optional but will help you to apply the lesson given you each day to your cooking. If you have any questions about ingredients or the recipe itself, let us know in the comment section of that lesson and tag me @Britney

📝Journal Prompts:

1) What is the outcome I want to come from this course? (Let us know below! as well as saying hello and letting us know a bit about you :))

Have you completed your lesson?

Share your answers and your wins or ask for help:

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Bernd Eickhoff
Bernd Eickhoff (@bernd)
18 days ago

I am working forward to this course so incredibly. Doing both practical and theoretical work together, learning and applying in a group always is amazing.

I am not looking for someone to support me to cook regularly, as I have started doing exactly that since about half a year and am having incredible fun while doing it. Though watching my new sourdough starter grow psyches me to share all of my baking and kitchen adventures in this group. What I want help with is help in support in working on my “Go Shopping Skills” and my “House Cleaning Skills” and all the other “Do Chores kinda Skills” that often paralyze me. I presume all of the mind set stuff can just be transferred to all the other aspects of life.

WOW and I so so so so so so so so so look forward to doing breathing exercises together. Who needs Disney World if you can just sit and breathe freely and let all of the joy and love and happiness flow through your body.

This is my new years resolution: Be present for all Kitchen Alchemy Course, take away as much as possible and give even more.

Looking forward to see all of you amazing souls and have a soul-food feast every day.

Britney (@britney_glowley)
Reply to  Bernd Eickhoff
18 days ago

Welcome Bernd! I am so grateful you are here. Glad also that you already are cooking regularly for the last 6 months! We can just build on the foundation you have already built now 🙂 Please DO share all your baking and cooking adventures with this group!! Would love to (continue) to be inspired by your food.

You are in the right place to develop your shopping and house cleaning skills. I actually spent all morning getting the Kitchen Workflow module set up in the back end with my Grocery Shopping tips!! Tomorrow I am moving onto the Organization / Cleaning sections of that same module. This module will be launched to you all by the end of this month!! Thats enough time for you to dive into and complete the mindset and whole foods module. And your correct! The mindset work you do will be transferred to all things :)))

The breath work is my favorite part!!! I cant wait for that too!!!

I love your New Year resolution!!! Warms my heart and is TOTALLY doable and aligned with Gods laws, too! Looking forward to watching you grow and evolve through this. So much love to you. #soulfoodfest

Britney (@britney_glowley)
Reply to  Bernd Eickhoff
18 days ago

Quick question for you..When it comes to grocery shopping, what do you struggle with the most?

Bernd Eickhoff
Bernd Eickhoff (@bernd)
Reply to  Britney
17 days ago

I like to be alone. I like two people in a room. Three plus people becomes awkward, 4+ can become a nightmare (I am exaggerating of course). I am an Enneagram 5. I once read in a book: “If you date an Enneagram 5 get used to planning escape routes from parties”. That really made me feel caught out. Never take a coat to a party. Never lock your bike in plain sight. Once the going gets tough, I want to be able to extract myself as painlessly as possible. Too many people just overwhelm me.

Britney (@britney_glowley)
Reply to  Bernd Eickhoff
14 days ago

Thanks so much for your honesty. Maybe we can find a time for you that works best to go shopping where there are not as many people there. Evenings during the week are often good in our area. I would also encourage the “Pause and connect” section of this module which I think can really help you to connect to spirit within before you go places like shopping… instead of letting what you learned in the past about being around to many people take the lead. I do believe once you find your flow with your new habits, and remember that you are around children of God and God will lead you to the right places at the right time, can help you to shift this around. We can even talk about more of this if you want on our first Live Training this Wed at 8pm est! Have a great week Bernd

Angelica (@angelica)
11 days ago

Hello dears, I am so happy to go through this course with all of you!
I am looking forward to bounce meal ideas, tips, tricks and tools. I love having a community that not only holds me accountable but inspires to move forward.
Thanks Britney for all your work and time put into it, it looks amazing!

c2cthompson (@c3cthompsonyahoo-com)
9 days ago

Hey hey everyone!! I am so excited to be doing this with all of you. I am Christina Thompson. I am a stay at home momma to my 14 year old daughter, Caitlyn and married to my husband, Chad, for 18 years. While my husband travel nurses, I stay home and homeschool our daughter. We currently reside in the South Arkansas. I can’t tell you how excited and scared all at the same time for this course and for the lifestyle change I am ready to make!!

I want to learn to love to be in the kitchen and cooking healthier for me as well as my family. I have never really liked being in the kitchen especially when I have to prep. I also tend to overanalyze what I truly need nutrition wise and then I just through my hands up and go through the drive thru. I have struggled pretty much as long as I can remember with my weight and eating better. Also with being diabetic I know the food and thing I put in my body really matter but I just get lazy and don’t do it. I also want my daughter to not have to struggle with food or have a bad relationship with food. I am so ready to just feel better, stronger, and healthier!!
I just want meals to come easier and the not dread being in the kitchen!! I also want to make this more of a lifestyle change instead of lets cut everything out and eat stuff that I may not like!! This time around with the course I plan to be committed and consistent more not only for myself but for my family as well!! I need to be the change!!

SuzieBrave (@suzieflag)
1 day ago

Hello everyone. Today is my day 1, and I just watched the intro video. I’m going to be a good “kitchen alchemy” student and say hello here. My name is Susan, I live in Vancouver and I am 52 years old. I was having health problems for the past 5 years, but last year was my worst, and I was in bed the whole year. In December, they found out what was wrong with me and now I’m not sick anymore. 2021 is my year to get healthy again, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I used to be AWAKE and loved it. I have been ASLEEP for over a year and 2020 was worst and loneliness and saddest year in my entire. But the good news is that 2020 is over and 2021 is here and I’m coming back! Thank you, Britney, for creating this space for healing. I love you so much, and I look forward to meeting everyone here.