⭐Going for Ice Cream turned into a Miracle Moment.🍦


Ella and I experienced kindness yesterday.
Some would say it was a miracle of giving and love.

Here is the story:

My mom gave me a Schwinn bike as an early birthday present (check out the pic, its soooo cute!!!!!! )

And so off Ella and I went on a bike ride adventure together!!!
We biked to a local park / conservatory.
Once we arrived we tied up our bikes and went for a long hike.
We then sat down for a nice picnic in the park. It was lovely.

After about 3 hours Ella saw a lady with an ice cream cone and asked for one.🍦
I said to her that I have no idea where an ice cream shop is, but we could head up a big hill and see what was at the top.
If we were meant to have one, I knew we would be led.

The hill brought us to a road,
but I was still unsure about ice cream.
We walked up the road for about 1 minute and don’t we land on a Dairy Queen. Hooray! Ella was excited!

When we got there we saw a huge line up.
And of course because Covid, we could not go inside.
We contemplated standing in the line up with our bikes and all the cars around us, but I was just not having that….

I told her we may not be able to get an ice cream cone today.
I suggested we sit under the trees in the shade for a while.
Ella was upset and disappointed. She had her heart set on ice cream….

🥰BUT THEN 3 ladies drove into the DQ parking lot in a convertible.
I had the inspiration to take my $10 and walk up to the car, keeping my distance, and ask if they minded grabbing my daughter and I a small ice cream cone, and that they can keep the change. All 3 ladies chuckled and were happy to help us out.

We waited now in gratitude. All the tears had turned to smiles!

We saw the convertible next in line…. but one of the ladies came out of the car with the 2 cones in her hands.
She said she didn’t want them to melt!

She handed me the cones, with the napkins wrapped around.
After I thanked her and she started to walk away she said “The cones are on me.”
“I was like whatttt? (inside my mind of course lol)
When Ella and I sat down I saw the $10 bill wrapped in the napkins.
She bought us our ice cream!!
We felt so blessed and grateful!!
It was a small gesture, but really received.
And then the best part happened….

💗Ella turned to me and said to me,”Mom, those ladies were so Kind. “
I said “yes they were”
She said “is it because we are Kind to others?!”
And I said “yes baby, when we give kindness, we receive it. As we give we receive, its the law of God.”
She said “and the law works every time mom!”
And I said “yes baby, it does.”
Ella has seen the Laws of God work in our life many times and yet it was yesterday that she declared her faith in this Law working “all the time”. THIS is the miracle, realizing we can trust and use the laws of God anytime, and that they always work.

🍦The ice cream was worth learning and experiencing this important lesson!! Showing us also how all food can be used to bless, its not the calories but the purpose for with its used that matters most🙏

If we can teach our children One Thing at this time, heck, teach HUMANITY one thing at this time,
👉its to abide by the golden rule, always.
As you give, you receive.
As you teach, you learn.
As you Love your brothers/sisters AS yourself,
you come to know Him/Her AS yourself.

This week lets devote our thoughts and our actions to KINDNESS and GIVING.

Happy Mindful Monday!
Have a blessed week!

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