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I offer free Community Memberships because I wanted a way for people to have continuous education and insight to begin developing health in body, mind & spirit. I give practical tips on the kitchen and mindset as well as endless recipes to help cultivate a want to be whole & healthy on all levels.

Kitchen Wisdom Poster PDF

This poster is wisdom for finding a Kitchen Workflow and for choosing healthy alternatives in mindset and food.  
It can be a daily reminder of your goal of wanting to eat and cook whole and healthy.  Print it out and put it up on your fridge!

3 Part Mini Series

Sign Up for this video series to begin the process
of transforming your kitchen experience. This series covers…




This 3 part series is an introduction to my course. It is for people who want to begin the process of transforming their kitchen experience. You will learn important ideas about Mindset, Workflow and Responsibility that you can immediately apply to your life. This Mini Series includes 3 videos, 3 emails, a meditation & a helpful PDF. And its FREE!

Healthy Lunchbox Infographic

“Transform overwhelm about making your kids lunches into ease” Download this infographic and you will learn how to make whole & healthy  lunches for your kiddums!! BONUS: In the email you get when you download this infographic, you will receive some tips and recipes on how to make vegetables and whole foods taste delicious. (so important!) 🙂

This is my paid program (and yet, still a gift)

This is a 12 week online transformational program that has as its goal the realization and experience of how simple and joyful the act of cooking nourishing meals can be.