Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Whole & Healthy Kitchen”?

It is a place to join in community, to heal around food,
to find purpose in the kitchen and to bring love into all the meals that you make.

We inspire you and educate you on how to embody and execute all 4 of our principles.



If you doubt your self or misuse any aspect of the cooking process, you will find difficulty staying committed to whole-health. If you work on having an attitude that is positive and patient, as you relearn habits around food and cooking, you will soon learn to love creating whole meals that support the health of your Body, Mind and Soul for you and your family.

We give insight & education on how to use your mind and how to find Joy in the kitchen.

❤️ Approach

This is a practical and holistic approach to cooking. Practical because it has a set of steps, tools and principles that when followed, lead to a Whole and Healthy Kitchen. And holistic, because the whole you including your mental and social conditions, your body, emotions, digestion and soul are taken into consideration as part of the transformation process.

Our approach includes a whole & healthy way of thinking about yourself and about the buying, storing, preparing, cooking, serving & eating food.

❤️ Ingredients

The ingredients we choose, matters. Fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices, super-foods, whole grains and healthy fats support life, farmers, and are keeping our digestion and brains functioning optimally. Making food taste delicious is also important if we want our families and ourselves to enjoy eating healthy everyday. Fresh, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables with healthy fats, herbs & spices- add the delicious factor when you learn the trick to make them taste divine. Shop at farmers markets when you can, buy particular clean brands, stay away from processed foods.

There is a way to buy fresh, wholesome and colorful ingredients that contain all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to thrive. And you can learn to do it on a budget.

❤️ Love

Every step in the cooking process can become an act of Love. There is a way to move beyond all barriers and remove all obstacles to cooking in the kitchen. It can become a wonderful act of nurturing care. Where it once seemed like an added task to your list, cooking becomes a creative time to pour your heart and soul into. The more love you put into your food, the more you and your family will taste and feel it. Love is the guidance we can choose to lead us in the kitchen, love is the voice that inspires us to cook. Cook with Love and you will heal, and the fear will be gone.

This love inspires the cooking, brings us together and reminds us that everyone involved, including yourself, is worthy of the benefits of this loving act of cooking.

What can I expect by becoming a member?
❤️ You will receive tools, homework, tips and education on how to overcome emotional and habitual blocks to cooking and to food choices.
❤️ If you apply the techniques given you, especially those offered in our Monday Mindset Discussion & Study sessions, you will find this sense of organization and focus in the kitchen that you have never had before.
❤️ You will find increased confidence in your self and have enhanced motivation to cook.
❤️ You will heal you relationship to food and find love for self and others through it.
❤️ You will also find that healing happens in your body. Weight will falls off and you will gain inner and outer strength.
❤️ You will also develop an understanding of mind that will help you to ride the waves of life with more grace.
❤️ All of this is possible for you. It will take your own commitment and work, but I give you everything to make it possible.
Who is Whole & Healthy Kitchen For?
❤️ For mothers, individuals and families who want to undo old habits and restructure thought patterns to make way for a new relationship and cooking ability with food.
❤️ The bi-product of the practical application of this education, is achieving Whole-Health in body, mind & spirit. The work we do together serves us, our families & our world on all levels.
Can I Cancel my Membership?
❤️ Yes, you can. Above all else, I want you to be happy and for this path to be right for you.
If you are not completely satisfied, I will gladly cancel your membership. 
What if I have Picky Eaters?
❤️ I have learned that there is always a way to make food taste good and I offer as much of that insight to you as possible
❤️ Picky eaters are often eaters who have not yet been educated on the gloriousness and yumminess of whole and healthy food.
❤️ The more you learn about it yourself, the more you can make it and teach it by enjoying the meals yourself and offering them delicious meals to try.
❤️ You can reach out to me at any time. I am happy to share insights and ideas to help you and your children and your family specifically. (p.s Keep an eye on a Forum in our back end entitled “What my kids eat”)
Are you a Vegetarian or Vegan?
❤️ For the last 8 years, I have been predominately vegetarian. My daughter Ella and  my hubby Tom are vegetarian as well.
❤️ We eat eggs, yogurt and occasionally organic chicken and cheese. I have not touched red meat or pork for nearly a decade.
❤️ This was a personal choice after reading many books, watching documentaries and realizing I only wanted to buy and eat from companies that contribute to the well-being of everyone on the planet, including animals.
❤️ I have also learned the POWER of foods given us by God / Mother Nature. Fruits and Vegetables have healing attributes that should not be skimmed over (Check out the book: Life Changing Foods by Medical Medium.
❤️ I found since going vegetarian that I have become so very creative with my meals. My “meat” is now lentils or beans or quinoa. And even all together sometimes in the form of a patty!  There are so many vegetarian and vegan options that make my body feel healthy and strong, and my mind clear and alert. There is no reason for me to revert back to eating meat.
❤️ I have a few chicken recipes and egg recipes on this website and will probably add a few more as time goes on. Especially if they are requested by my members. 
How much Time do I have to spend Cooking?
❤️ Most meals take about an hour. Or at least that’s the amount of time I give myself to complete them.
❤️If I finish early, I often wash some dishes and clean my kitchen area in prep for eating.
There are also many meals that are less than 30 minutes with little to no cleanup.
The majority of meals have components that can be made beforehand. For instance cooking large amounts of lentils, beans, and rice helps to have food pre-made for the next day to whip together in meals.
❤️ I like to have my meals sit, to absorb flavor as well. So any time you have a few free moments during the day or evening, try and make life easier for your future self. Take out your ingredients and prep your kitchen work area. Pre-dice vegetables, pre-make your sauces or pre-caramelize your onions. Let everything mingle and sit as long as you can. You will start to find a workflow that allows you to have all portions of the meals ready and filled with flavor at the same time.
Are the meals Budget Friendly?
❤️ Yes!  
❤️ For years my life-partner Tom and I have traveled and lived life flying by the seat of our pants.We were totally bootstrapping it as we researched and built our tech and service company. 
❤️I have had to learn how to make meals that are healthy, budget-friendly and include many people.
❤️ I have found that if I spend a bit more money up front buying bulk, it lasts me a lot longer and saves me time and money in the future.
❤️ I also choose the healthiest options available to me, which is often not the cheapest option.
Saving money and time by not being sick or binge eating in the evening because I didn’t have enough nutrients in the day, however, is worth the few extra bucks on superfoods and whole food choices that keep me feeling full & healthy.
How Can I Contact You Directly?
Email me anytime:
Or Contact Me here
When will Whole & Healthy Kitchen Cookbook be released?
❤️ I aim for it to be released January 2019, as a great way to start the New Year.
❤️ Much of it is already prepared, it’s just a matter of making it all perfect.
❤️ My goal is to create this cookbook so full and whole and packed with healthy recipes and education, that you never want to put it down!
❤️ Learn more about my Cookbook and it’s purpose.

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