Free Workshop: "Discover the 5 Keys of Well-Nourished Motherhood

Why does being well-nourished matter as a mother?

  • We have the role of nourishing others. In our womb, through our milk, through the food we feed them.
  • We have the role of caring for our homes and environment. It never stops.
  • We are asked to give, and give and give, but find it hard to receive thus often burn out.

Its time we learn to receive. And set up habits to support next level growth and motherhood.

During this workshop 5 day series we will help you discover what is important to you, what you CAN do, and how these small shifts in caring for YOU will help your whole family including yourself feel more confident, healthy, centered and at ease in body, minds & spirit.

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Workshop Series Details

DATE: November 16th to 20th 2020
TIME: 1:00pm (eastern time) daily live interviews and
Q & A with professionals / mothers
PLACE: Facebook Group WholeAndHealthyInsideOut
You will be given Tools & Helpful resources you can apply at home and be transformed by
Many Prizes to be WON!!!

You will learn:
  • The best mantra’s and attitudes to cultivate healthy living and end mom guilt
  • How you can find the time and approach to nourish yourself well, everyday
  • How to move your body with grace, strength and fun
  • The best approaches to mothering yourself and your children
  • How to best flow with your menstrual flow so you have more calm and less bloat/fatigue
  • The best wholesome meals to cook so that you and your family feel your best

There will be prizes to won for those who watch the videos and comment!  We welcome your presence 🙂

*Note: This is taking place in our private Facebook group where all videos will be recorded so you can watch and absorb on your own time.

Meet our Professionals / Moms

Britney Shawley

Mindset + Meals

Monday November 16 +20

Britney Shawley is Founder of Whole & Healthy Kitchen, a Mom, Mindset Coach for the last 10 years, Holistic Nutrition based Foodie and your biggest support system to awakening your Love for Self & wholesome home-cooking!

She helps moms discover the simplicity and joy of bringing the power of ones soul into everything they cook, think, say and do. For optimal health and confidence for them and future generations.

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Rachael Thiessen


Tues November 17th

Rachael Thiessen has been coaching women in the gym for 12+ years, and now focuses on helping moms navigate their new bodies and move better in their daily lives.

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Lindsay Ford


Wed November 18th

Lindsay Ford is a parenting mentor and the author of The Positive Parenting Framework. She helps moms interpret what their child is really saying when they act out and gives them the strategies they need to restore a sense of calm and cooperation back into their homes.

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Anna Herendeen


Thurs November 19th

Anna believes every menstruating human deserves to feel amazing all month long!

She is your menstrual cycle coach who empowers you to biohack your hormones so you can optimize your mood, energy & productivity all month long so you can finally stop living life on your hormone’s terms!

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