My gift to you is inner peace. “True Health is Inner Peace” -ACIM

Thank you for being here. I am Britney Shawley. The main service that I offer is Spiritual Psychotherapy.  It is a treatment (therapy) for the mind (psycho) that is lead by Spirit within both of us. We heal the cause (mind) together, which shifts and heals not only your mental attitudes and emotions, but your physical wellness and relationships too. 

This form of therapy is essential for any one who wants to heal their mind and emotions, come to know their True Self and fulfill their Purpose here in Joy.

Here are my Tools for Therapy and Coaching:
  • Christ. Jesus and His Holy Spirit guide and teacher in all of my therapeutic sessions. It is Christ that has all healing power and grace, that makes all things possible and sets all things right. (You can learn more about my Jesus story here and listen to my Jesus Series here)

  • A Course in Miracles Teacher Jesus/Christ
  • Hypnotherapy – Certified through the NGH: National Guild of Hypnotism with Debbie Papadakis from the Hypno-Healing Institute
  • N.L.P: Neuro-Linguistics ProgrammingCertified through Can-Fit Pro with Pamela Rigden (INLPTA Diploma)
  • Holistic Nutrition Health Guide I am not a certified nutritionist, however, I have extensively studied Holistic Nutrition and have a certification-in the foundations of Ayurveda level-1 with Gillian Grant. 
  • Conscious Cooking -Cooking is my passion and my purpose. I can teach you how to cook, meal prep/plan, clean, grocery shop and construct well-balanced delicious meals that nourish you and heal your gut. All of which can be done with simplicity, consistency and joy.
  • Angel Communications  Certified through ‘Angel Therapy Practitioner’ with Chris Cuciurean
  • Breath-Work Get in touch with blocked emotions and memories and move them / undo them through prayer, breath and intention
  • 11 years coaching experience as Spiritual Psychotherapist and Therapeutic Coaching

“Psychotherapy is the only form of therapy there is. Since only the  mind can be sick,
only the mind can be healed. Only the mind is in need of healing.”
  –A Course in Miracles: Psychotherapy Pamphlet

My Mission

My mission is to increase the quality of health and happiness on our planet by educating parents and souls on how to use and heal their mind and care for their overall emotional and physical wellbeing. When we learn how to have a conscious and faith-based approach to life, we are able to empower our children and future generations, so that they can care for their family and the world along with us- in joy and gratitude instead of overwhelm or uncertainty.

The Benefits

  1. Deep Inner Subconscious Healing and enhanced Mind Training practices
  2. Increased mindfulness, forgiveness and vision
  3. Feeling Grounded, Connected and aligned with Gods Love and Laws
  4. More clarity around your Purpose that is founded in Freedom, Service and Joy
  5. Improved health, happiness and overall well-being

Work With Me

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