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Coffee: Is it Healthy For You?

So, is coffee healthy for you?
The quick answer is: It Depends.
It is healthy depending on
1) the purpose it holds for you and
2) how you consume it.

Coffee is not inherently bad.
In fact, latest research shows coffee contains a high amount of antioxidants.
Antioxidants help the body to fight against free radicals as well as help to Boost immunity, and increase the vitality of the body. So antioxidants are good!

Thus it’s not the COFFEE itself that’s bad, but how it is consumed.

Her are a few possible “bad” things about coffee:
1) how coffee reacts in the body can have a negative effect, especially if you have anxiety. Since coffee is a stimulant, it can affect the anxiety or even depression negatively
2) how you take it matters… example a typical Canadian double double… cream and sugar would be in the “bad” category. The cream is a saturated fat. And often not from well loved or grass fed cows. For that reason cream can lead to a build up of toxins, puss in your body and not so good side effects like rashes on the body, like I had when I drank coffee with cream. Same with sugar, sugar is a scientifically created substance to make food taste good, but it has absolutely no value to the body. Natural glucose from fruits is needed by the brain!! But not processed sugar.. So both cream and sugar, the additives to coffee, are not so good for the body
3) The online resource Healthline says that “In fact, the typical Western diet provides more antioxidants from coffee than from fruits and vegetables combined (2, 3).” This is saying that most people in the western world have more coffee than fruits and vegetables!!! Nooooo says my heart!!! Coffee is good in moderation like anything else. However it is more of a dessert than a nutrient supplement!

For a long time coffee was put in the “bad category” with sugar or over indulgent hot chocolate or cigarettes.

Now research shows that it is a health boost with its antioxidants .

So really its about learning how to make healthy coffee, and drink healthy coffee so that it is only helpful to the body and not harmful.


  1. Bless Your Coffee. Coffee has become part of my sacred morning practice. After I set my mind on love and God, after I drink 500ml of water with ACV, after I get a wee-bit of work done I take time to be still with my coffee. I bless my coffee with my hands, thoughts, intentions. When I do this I am literally ingesting the miraculous energy of prayer. It is a great way to start my day, and a great way to limit my coffee to just 1 per day. Never underestimate the power of intention.
  2. Always Organic. Coffee is one of the heaviest chemically sprayed crops on the planet. I am not exactly sure why, but I do know that its a fact that its highly sprayed. For this reason I suggest drinking ONLY organic coffee. I will either buy the brand

    Zavida Organica Whole Bean Organic Coffee that has a Rainforest on the bag from costco, I buy it from a local farmers market OR I buy Organo Reishi Coffee. And to be honest, the later is the only coffee I drink these days.

  3. Reduce Sugar. Its not the coffee that is bad, but the added sugar and cream to the coffee that is. Sugar especially spikes the blood sugar, just so that it can crash again to make you feel like you want “more” of either coffee or sugar Reducing the use of sugar in your coffee can help you tremendously. Try: cinnamon, non dairy hazelnut creamer, MCT oil, raw honey.
  4. Use Filtered / Alkaline Water. Coffee is acidic. This contributes to the feeling of “gut rot / queasiness”.  We bought a simple water filtration jug from amazon and it makes our water Alkaline!  We then use this water in our coffee and it takes all the tummy troubles and contaminates away… it makes all the difference.
  5. Add Superfoods! This may sound odd but when you use superfoods they ADD to the coffee not take away. Adding superfoods means you are adding to the nutritional value of the coffee and only adding in good nutrients, not taking nutrients away (which is what sugar / cream do). I love adding: Maca powder, magnesium powder, turmeric, chaga tea or reishi!  Reishi is also called Ganoderma and its already included in the coffee I buy.

Ella asked to make us our reishi coffee! The answer is yes!

Written By: Britney Shawley
Britney Shawley is a Canadian mindset coach, holistic nutrition based foodie, and founder of  Whole & Healthy Kitchen. Her mission is to educate and inspire a generation of moms and parents to bring positive change to our food production through our food dollars and love for cooking home-cooked meals. Her uplifting, soulful and practical approach to living a whole, healthy and happy life has named her the “Marie Kondo of the Kitchen, Mindset and Self Love”. LEARN MORE

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