Kitchen Refresh

For Families & Individuals

When I started working with individuals and families over 10 years ago, I learned that their biggest struggles were in 3 areas: 1) knowing what healthy food to put together that would taste good  2) being committed to be in the kitchen and to cook every day 3) needing to overcome the overwhelm/stress around mealtime. I soon learned that when people do not have their mindset aligned with their goals, and when they do not have a knowledge base of what to make, that they don’t know where to even start!! This is where I come in!!!  I give you all my expertise in the kitchen, with mindset and with food so you literally can Remake Your Kitchen with ease!!  We will go through an overhaul. Throw out all that unhealthy, junk, sugary, processed food and replace it with whole, healthy and nutrient dense foods instead. I will help you to discover the mindset and clear reason WHY you want to do this, as well as the HOW to cook and keep the energy and motivation we create together going long after our time together is over. I am excited to help you and work with you to reset your kitchen and bring optimal health to you and your family through you.

During our 6 weeks together, I help you too:

Organize & clean your kitchen
Clear out unhealthy food & unhealthy habits
Add more whole foods and super foods into your life
Discover the perfect kitchen workflow that works for YOU
Create basic meal plans
Have personalized grocery lists
Learn new tools to connect with your inner divine strength
 Become confident preparing, cooking (or helping) in the kitchen
 Learn the power of your mind
Remove all obstacles from your path
 Get excited about the process of preparing whole meals
Be inspired to cook healthy meals for you (& your family) everyday

You Will Receive:

❤️Specialized meal plans and Grocery Lists
❤️ Weekly online meetings with me in our Private Video Chat Room
❤️ Weekly homework / exercises to Reset your Kitchen
❤️ PDF’s & education specific to your needs
❤️This work can be done in person (if in Ontario Canada)  or online.

Personalized Coaching

For Organization, Cleaning & Workflow in Kitchen. Mindset & Whole Foods

$700 total
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Find Ease in the Kitchen and inside your Self.


Britney’s two greatest gifts to her many students are 1) her presence and 2) her passion. It doesn’t matter if you’re an award-winning chef or if you’re just trying to keep it together for yourself or your family, Britney’s approach can change everything. She truly is the “Marie Kondo” of the kitchen, mindset and self-love. Britney exudes by example that how you approach your food and your kitchen is how you approach life. She certainly taught me all that and more!

Paul M.

Vancouver, Canada

Working with Britney and the Whole and Healthy Kitchen principles helped transform my overwhelm about feeding my family into ease. I now have more clarity around my values, goals, and rhythm in the kitchen. Britney’s exercises helped me create a more nourishing routine and I now include more whole foods into my meals everyday. I pay more attention to my needs as a busy working mom and focus on what’s best for me and my family.

Basak Yanar

Mom & Researcher

Britney’s practical kitchen workflow tips, as well as the way she teaches about the power of the Mind have helped me to be practical, joyful and prepared when it comes to cooking meals for me and my family. She inspires me everyday to be consistent with cultivating the conditions for a better version of my Self to emerge everyday.  Britney also has a God-given talent for food creation. I am extremely grateful for her work. 

Rebecca Tomlinson

Mom & Holistic Nutritionist

During our Kitchen Reset

You will Learn How To:

6 week Premium Coaching Package for Individuals & Families

1. How to Discover a Kitchen Work'flow'

Through a set of questions and exercises you will learn how to find a kitchen work’flow’ that works best for you and your family.  You will learn how you can be consistent with preparing healthy meals, despite the busyness of life. You will learn that cooking does not have to be a chore. It can be zen and joy filled kitchen experience. 

2. Organize Your Kitchen & Your Thoughts

Together (in person or online) we will go through every cupboard, pantry, fridge and space in your kitchen to ensure its optimally positioned and helpful for you when you cook. This step also helps to clean and organize your kitchen, which awakens the energy within you to WANT to be in there and cook everyday. You can DECIDE to show up everyday or as often as you can, to make meals with love.

4. Enhance Creativity &
Enjoyment of Meals

You will  find your unique contribution to the kitchen, as well as have everyone in the family find their helpful role.  Whether that role is the cook, or the one who cleans dishes, cleans the table, buys the food, or otherwise. Our contributions matter to the whole.You will learn WHY you want to cook, or order to have motivation to want to keep cooking everyday. 

5. Improve Whole Food Choices

You will look at the food you currently have in your kitchen and throw away what does not align with your health goals. Together, we can think of or create meals that are optimally healthy, nourishing and easy to make. You will learn how to stock your cupboards, so you are always ready for delicious meal creation.

6. Envision Desired Outcomes

You will learn how to visualize, feel, and help bring about your perfect kitchen experience. I will help you to visualize the actual results you would like to have in your kitchen and with your health. The vision you want to hold must be attainable for YOU and also greater than what you think you are currently capable or worthy of. You have my help to assist you to see your greatest vision/self possible.

7. Love Self and Others through Thoughts & Food Choices

Gain a greater sense of self-worth and self acceptance enabling you to learn new skills and see yourself as capable of serving nourishing meals. As you Love yourself through this process, and bring this love into your kitchen and into every meal you make, you are making a positive impact on your health (&gut health), your family and our world. 

All of this education includes specialized Meal Plans and Grocery Lists!

Meet Your Mindset & Health Coach

Hello!  I am Britney Shawley. I am Founder of Whole & Health Kitchen. I am also a Mom, Mindset Coach, Holistic Nutrition based Foodie and lover of long walks and family fun days. I now love to cook all things whole food and plant based and yet I used to have a negative and quite toxic relationship to food. I used to binge eat and be very overweight until I learned how to train my mind and use our daily food as medicine and preventative care.

It is my souls mission to increase the quality of health and happiness on our planet. I believe that will happen when we start with ourselves and in our own kitchen. I seek to empower and educate others on how to bring more health and flow into their food making process and thus into their families and their whole life.

Begin Coaching with me and Reset Your Kitchen!

Premium Kitchen Reset Coaching

Workflow, Organization/Cleaning, Mindset & Whole Foods

$700 total
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