Kitchen Alchemy 2.0 Coming December 2020

Kitchen Alchemy is an

Online Course for Moms, Women & Souls who want to up-level their home cooking and bring more calm, joy and mindfulness into their everyday life!.

with Coach and Friend, Britney Shawley

This course is composed of five modules:

Mindset + Whole Foods + Kitchen Flow + Healthy Habits + Nourish Others

that are integrated into One Whole and Holistic way of BEing in You.

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About This Course

Kitchen Alchemy is an online transformational course that teaches how simple and joyful the act of cooking nourishing meals for you and your family can be. It also will have you accepting how loved and whole you truly are.

This course sets you up with a system and habits to bring about true change inside yourself and your kitchen, so you can most maximally bless and bring health and happiness to you, your family and future generations.

Why this course is right for you

Because its finally time too…

  • Feel confident and calm in yourself and your cooking abilities.
  • Be consistent in self care and cooking so your kids can too
  • Enhance Your Health & Immune System through thoughts and foods
  • Clear away the clutter and confusion as to what health really means.
  • Undo and heal old beliefs and thoughts that interfere with your health, happiness & success
  • Set healthier habits and choose happier mindsets that align with your why.
  • Have a support system to hold you accountable to positive change.
  • Bring more presence and gratitude into your every day life

The main results you can expect:

  • Enhanced skills in the kitchen
  • Calm & confident mindset
  • Knowledge of whole food and well-balanced meals that are simple & delicious
  • Meal prep & planning skills that save time and money (without the stress)
  • Healthy habits (that you follow through with and build upon)
  • More flow, joy and rhythm in the kitchen and in life
  • Family on board with lifestyle shifts
  • Enhanced connection to your own soul and spirit within
  • Increased energy + vitality so there is no more burnout, fear, overwhelm or confusion around mealtime

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The Module breakdown:

1. Mindset

Embrace a Healthy, Whole & Loving Perception of Self and Others through an Awareness of what Thoughts & Beliefs are Running your Life and Applying Tools to Change your Thinking & Beliefs

2. Healthy Habits

Implement and Stick Too New Habits that Support Who You Want to Be and become Confident in who you are and what your capable of!

3. Wholefoods

Discover what Whole Food & Well-Balanced Meals are and How to Cook Them with Consistency, Joy & Deliciousness!

4. Kitchen Flow

Create a Kitchen Workflow that is organized, has consistent meal plans and meal prepping that makes your time in the kitchen simple and enjoyable.

5. Nourish Others

You will learn of the law that giving is receiving and that you can deeply Nourish others (and thus yourself) with persistent cooking and presence. You will also learn how to deal with picky eaters and bring family closer together over the dinner table.


This is where the lasting transformation occurs by bringing all seeming separate parts together as a whole way of thinking, being & cooking.
You will be asked to do an assignment that helps you to make all these ideas practical and useful in your everyday life. You will learn how to overcome mistakes and not fear making them.

What Students are Saying:

Join the Waitlist!!

You will receive discounts & bonuses, when you sign up to be notified when Kitchen Alchemy Course re-opens and my Irresistible Offer Launches!!


I am Britney Shawley. Founder of Whole & Health Kitchen, a Mom, Mindset & well-being Coach, Holistic Nutrition based Foodie and your biggest support system to awaken your Love for Self and wholesome home-cooking!

I have always loved to help others and have been in the coaching profession for over 10 years. Early on however, it was very difficult for me to help myself. I used to have a terrible relationship to food. I would binge eat every night, never cooked healthy meals and became overweight and unhappy because of  it. It wasn’t until I learned how to train my mind and nourished myself daily through well-balanced meals, that my weight fell off and my whole life changed.

I now dedicate my time to pouring my skills, education and talents into my mission of increasing the quality of health and happiness on this planet. I believe this shift IS happening,  and we all have a part in it. We can start with ourselves, in our own minds, with our own families and in our own home kitchen. And then it extends to future generations and the world. I am committed to helping you to embrace whole and healthy cooking and living, with simplicity and with joy.