You have arrived for a purpose.

To optimally nourish yourself, your family & future generations

- with simplicity, confidence and joy

Kitchen Alchemy Course

with Coach Britney Shawley

About This Course

Kitchen Alchemy is an online transformational course that has as its purpose the realization and experience of how simple and joyful, the act of cooking nourishing & delicious meals can be.

This course teaches you how to effectively Nourish your self and others, to ensure healthy, happy and whole future generations who Love and care for themselves and others with ease & joy everyday.

Why you need it

Because its finally time too…

  • Feel confident and calm in yourself and your cooking abilities.
  • Be consistent in self care and cooking so your kids can too
  • Enhance Your Health & Immune System.
  • Clear away the clutter and confusion as to what health really means.
  • Undo and heal old beliefs and thoughts that interfere with your health, happiness & success
  • Set healthier habits and choose happier mindsets that align with your why.
  • Have a support system to hold you accountable to positive change.
  • Bring more Love and Grace into every day life

The main results you can expect:

  • You will strengthen your skills in cooking and mindset so you can become calm & confident in and out of the kitchen.
  • You will discover plant based meals that are simple to cook and delicious to eat.
  • You will develop meal prep & meal planning skills that save you time and money.
  • You will develop habits (that you follow through with and build upon) for self care and daily cooking.
  • You will find your flow and joy in the kitchen.
  • Your family getting on board with your lifestyle decision.
  • Your approach and organization in the kitchen will be enhanced.

The name “Kitchen Alchemy” came to be with the help of my husband! I have offered this course 4 times before, and each time I learned what you guys needed! I critiqued it to make it the most helpful, practical and useful course possible!! One night when I was pacing back and forth exploding with joy and ideas for this course, my hubby stopped me in my tracks and said “babe, I know you are super excited right now but I have to say something. I see ALCHEMY written on the inside of my mind and I have to spit it out” as soon as he said “Alchemy”, BAM, that was it!! That’s what I do!! I take seemingly separate aspects- Mindset, Whole Foods, Habits, Kitchen Zenflow & Nourishing Others- and bring them all together into a whole, so that you can master your kitchen and master your life!! I was so excited when this idea landed, and had to share it with you too 🙂  YAY kitchen alchemy!!

Why this course is different than all others:

  •  I educate you not just on the act of cooking, meal prepping and meal planning… but also on the proper mindset, approach and habits for working in the kitchen.
  • This course emphasizes the importance of mindset along with the importance of kitchen skills. Clients that have worked with me have commented on how the mindset coaching made such a difference compared to other programs they have done in the past. This course provides you with a cohesive system and approach that covers your every need.
  • I work with you, side-by-side, for this entire course. You are not a number in this group. We learn who you are, what your difficulties are and I help to tailor the material to you and your families present needs and desires.
  • You also get lifetime access to the material, our community and your own 90 page workbook to further apply the lessons after this course is over.
  • You are set up with EVERYTHING you need to embrace kitchen alchemy, and master your kitchen and your life!! There is nothing out there like this!!! Whole change and Health starts here!

I give you everything you need for your transformation:

1) 6 Modules
2) 13 in-depth PDF’s
3) An 84 page workbook (that you can keep forever!)
4) 2 meditations to help you transform your subconscious mind
5) Videos (by me- Britney) for more complex topics
6) A support group for daily discussions
7) Face-to-face online group calls (1 per month)
8) Direct access to me 24/7 through our Private Facebook Group ( Whole & Healthy From the Inside Out)


It takes only 20 minutes to do a lesson each day, and transformation WILL happen!
The work you do now will SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY later.

This course is right for you if...

1) You feel overwhelmed, confused or frazzled when it comes to preparing and making healthy meals
2) You say “I have no time” and therefore eat out or eat processed meals more than you would like
3) You need to organize your kitchen and restock your pantry with clean ingredients
4) You need to discover the right approach to meal planning & prepping that bring simplicity not confusion
4) You are not sure what healthy things to cook that your family will actually enjoy
5) You need to enhance your mindset and daily healthy habits, and end old habits
6) You desire to enhance your relationship to Self, Food and your Family
7) You want to get your family on-board with health & lifestyle shifts
8) You care about the health & vibrancy of future generations
9) You want a toolbox of tools to help you with self care so you are able to cook with simplicity and joy
10) You want to learn to LOVE to cook and eat healthy and have fun while you do it

This is NOT for you if:

1) You don’t want to put in the time and effort to work now, to save time and money (and stress!) later
2) You don’t want to change / shift your thoughts, beliefs and habits
3) You don’t want ongoing support for your to health and wholeness
4) You just want to to be told what to do, or the work done for you
5) You are not totally committed to apply the lessons and develop the skills and see results

The Module breakdown:

1. Mindset

Embrace a Healthy, Whole & Loving Perception of Self and Others through an Awareness of what Thoughts & Beliefs are Running your Life and Applying Tools to Change your Thinking & Beliefs

2. Healthy Habits

Implement and Stick Too New Habits that Support Who You Want to Be and become Confident in who you are and what your capable of!

3. Wholefoods

Discover what Whole Food & Well-Balanced Meals are and How to Cook Them with Consistency, Joy & Deliciousness!

4. Kitchen Workflow

Create a Kitchen Workflow that is organized, has consistent meal plans and meal prepping that makes your time in the kitchen simple and enjoyable.

5. Nourish Others

You will learn of the law that giving is receiving and that you can deeply Nourish others (and thus yourself) with persistent cooking and presence. You will also learn how to deal with picky eaters and bring family closer together over the dinner table.


This is where the lasting transformation occurs by bringing all seeming separate parts together as a whole way of thinking, being & cooking.
You will be asked to do an assignment that helps you to make all these ideas practical and useful in your everyday life. You will learn how to overcome mistakes and not fear making them.

By the end of this course you will feel supported, loved, appreciated, confident, empowered and prepared to cook healthy meals with love every day. You will turn average home cooked meals into nourishing meals that inspire bonding time and celebration with family.

Expect to Receive:

Your Own Workbook!

1. This beautifully designed and detailed 80 page Workbook is yours with this course! 

There is one workbook per module.

You can write in and keep forever.

 2.  Certificate of Completion

Bonus Material!

  1. Kitchen Wisdom Poster (cheat sheet for working in the kitchen)
  2.  Energy Upgrade Meditation
  3. Monthly Live Videos with Me & Our Community (Ask Anything, Will Be Going through this Course together)
  4. Private Facebook Group for Support
  5. 13 PDF’s to Save Time, Save Stress and become Organized and Calm in Thought & Kitchen
You may not reach perfection in your attitude or cooking during this course, but you WILL be aware of where you at, who goes with you and where you are headed. Plus you will take small (and giant) steps towards your goal every day, which will feel so damn good!!  “A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” -Bruce Lee

You will receive discounts & bonuses, when you sign up to be notified when my Course is Launching!

What Others Are Saying

  • Britney is amazing! She has been blessed with incredible insight not only in the kitchen but in life and has the ability to empower others to find joy in whatever they do. I have been fortunate to work with her in the 21 day course and in spiritual coaching. I have been inspired by her in both areas and particularly enjoy her spiritual insights in daily life. I am so happy to have met her and feel blessed to work with her.

    Cindi Koller

  • My experience working with Britney and her 21 day course was amazing. I learned so many do-able things that totally changed the way I viewed cooking and myself. The ongoing support and community elements were awesome as well. She really cares about each person and invests in their success. I now enjoy cooking and focus on adding more whole food in as opposed to getting overwhelmed by what needs to be taken out. My cooking experiences have become fun now and if I screw something up… I don’t care any more where before I would have. I highly recommend this course to anyone ready to make healthy changes for them self and their families!

    Melissa Maher

    Mom & Entrepreneur
  • Britney you’re amazing! I did not realize how much this course would center around the mind. I was reminded of my purpose in life before I even got into the kitchen. I never have been a cook, but after getting things clean and organized and revamped, I feel ready to be a chef. It’s kind of like Karate Kid where Miyagi has him paint and do other things to prepare him for the martial arts. The mind training helps to prepare for the kitchen arts. I loved this course and suggest it to others!!

    Jennifer Nahalu

    Working Woman
  • Working with Britney and the Whole and Healthy Kitchen principles helped transform my overwhelm about feeding my family into ease. I now have more clarity around my values, goals, and rhythm in the kitchen. The courses and exercises helped me create a more nourishing routine and I now include more whole foods into my meals and more self care into my everyday life. I pay more attention to my needs as a busy working mom and focus on what’s best for me and my family.

    Basak Yanar

    Mom & Researcher
  • Britney’s two greatest gifts to her many students are 1) her presence and 2) her passion. It doesn’t matter if you’re an award-winning chef or if you’re just trying to keep it together for yourself or your family, Britney’s approach can change everything. She truly is the “Marie Kondo” of the kitchen, mindset and self-love. Britney exudes by example that how you approach your food and your kitchen is how you approach life. She certainly taught me all that and more!

    Paul McKenzie

  • I love working with Britney!!! All of her experience, knowledge, and insights combined with her loving and joyful nature makes her a great coach and a wonderful friend.
    I was overwhelmed when it came to preparing healthy meals for me and my family. Thanks to her course and her constant support my mindset has shifted and I’m now confident in the kitchen and creative with my meals. I’m truly enjoying the process. I’ve learned skills in how to plan meals, what to include, how to look at any old habit that is not serving me and how to create new ones to empower and simplify my life.
    Britney has a passion for teaching and helping others succeed. That’s so inspiring to me. I’m so grateful and honored to work with her.

    Angelica Swanson



I am Britney Shawley. Founder of Whole & Health Kitchen, a Mom, Mindset Coach, Holistic Nutrition based Foodie and your biggest support system to awaken your Love for wholesome home-cooking!

I have always loved to help others and been in the coaching profession for 10 years. Early on however, it was very difficult for me to help myself. I used to have a terrible relationship to food. I would binge eat every night, never cooked healthy meals and became overweight and unhappy because of  it. It wasn’t until I learned how to train my mind and nourished myself daily through well-balanced meals, that my weight fell off and my whole life changed.

I now dedicate my time to pouring my skills, education and talents into my mission of increasing the quality of health and happiness on this planet. I believe this shift IS happening,  and we all have a part in it. We can start with ourselves, in our own minds, with our own families and in our own home kitchen. I am committed to helping you to embrace whole and healthy cooking and living, with simplicity and with joy.

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