Core Values

 Nourishment Transformation Gratitude  Love Generosity


To educate moms and heart centered parents and people on how to use their mind and develop cooking skills, so that every day they are optimally nourishing self, family & future generations with out compromise or overwhelm.


For moms and parents to know that healthy thinking and wholesome cooking are 2 skills they can easily develop that will have a powerful and positive effect on their own quality of life, their children’s health and well-being, and will benefit all future generations for decades to come.

What We Are

A heart centered community that loves and supports each other in the enhancement of our mindset & our kitchen experience.

What We Teach

We teach you how to discover ‘Why’ you want a Whole & Healthy Kitchen and ‘How” to attain it. We educate on:

  • Mindset Health
  • Practical & Helpful Tips for Flow/Zen in the Kitchen
  • How to think about, plan, shop for, prepare, cook and clean up after wholesome meals.

What We Give

Highly valuable education, videos, webinars, courses, recipes, interviews & content that you can use to develop and thrive in your own whole and healthy kitchen and life.

How We See Our Kitchen

The Kitchen is an inner mindset of trust and creativity. When activated, this foundation creates a sense of ease and purpose that extends into the meals we make. Your kitchen is with you wherever you go, use what you have, cook seasonally and learn to enjoy serving and loving through food.

Hi I am Britney.
Founder and Mindset Coach at Whole and Healthy Kitchen. I have a passion for serving others and educating on the importance of nourishing self and others at every meal. Thank you for being here, and checking out my page. I welcome you to join our free community and learn how to have and love your Whole & Healthy Kitchen.