Meet Britney Shawley

Hello!  I am happy you are here!!!

” Hi!! I am Britney Shawley. Founder of Whole & Healthy Kitchen, Mom, Mindset Coach, Miracles Advocate and your biggest support system to awakening your Love for Self and wholesome home-cooking.

I have been called to help others for a long long time and have been in the coaching profession for over 10 years.
Early on however, it was very difficult for me to help myself. I used to have a terrible relationship to food and had no relationship to God at all whatsoever.
I would binge eat every night, never cooked healthy meals and became very overweight and unhappy because of  it.
My negative relationship to self, sabotaged relationships with others and I felt not good enough in many areas of my life. 
It wasn’t until I surrendered my life to a power greater than myself, learned how to train my mind through A Course in Miracles and nourished myself daily, that my weight fell off and my whole life changed.

I am now living my soul’s purpose.
I am filled with joy and dedicate my time to pouring my skills, education and talents into my mission of increasing the quality of health and happiness on this planet.

I believe there is a collective awakening happening, and we all have a part in it.
We can do our part by starting in our own minds, with our own families and in our own home kitchens.
I am committed to helping you to live a whole and healthy life filled with purpose and Joy as God Promises us.

P.s I am not a chef. I am not a nutritionist. I do not claim to be. I LOVE food, and I LOVE people. Food is what brings us together. I have learned how to cook through over 10,00 hours of cooking in my own kitchen. I am also well versed in holistic nutrition and metaphysics and share all that I have learned with you all to the best of my ability. I aim to do all the research leg work, and share with your the simplicity of what I find.  Let’s do this!

My Purpose:
To educate moms and souls on how to Know & Love themselves, so they enhance the thoughts they think and the meals they make to improve their overall health, attitude and relationship to Self, cooking, food & God for Healthy. Happy and Empowered Future Generations!!!

My Goal:
To BE confident, healthy and happy and inspire you to do the same so you can teach your children the same.

My Vision:
Future Generations will be positively impacted and blessed by how we have a changed relationship to self and food. They will have a relationship to self that is confident, healthy and happy. This awakened sense of being will unlock their greatest gifts, skills and talents that will bless the people, animals & our planet. 🙏

What problems do I solve?

I help you to solve problems in: Thinking + Emotion + Behavior. When you become aligned with your Spirit and Universal Laws your problems are solved both internally and in your kitchen.

The problems may manifest in any of the following ways:  Thinking you have no time too cook or do self care, too tired to cook or do self care, don’t know what healthy actually means. You are to overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, unorganized, have excess weight or physical issues or pains. You see cooking or cleaning as just another dreaded chore. You feel not good enough, not grounded or connected to Spirit/Self enough. You lack purpose, energy, motivation, joy in daily life. You don’t yet have complete faith or trust in Self or God but you want too.You don’t yet nourish self or others consistently, but you want too.

Where am I Located?

I am located online. You can find me on many social media outlets such as my facebook group, facebook page, main facebook, and instagram. All my coaching and courses are held privately online in private chat rooms. I live just outside Toronto Canada with my hubby Tom and daughter Ella.

When You Can Expect Results

You can expect results when you put in the effort to get those results. Patience is an important attribute of the kitchen and mind training. You must put in the efforts now, and the results will have a compounding effect. Take one step, each day, and I guarantee you will reach your goals of being healthy, happy, cooking consistently and connected to your Soul/Purpose in less than a year.

Why I do what I do

I started Whole & Healthy Kitchen because I had inner calling to teach what I learned in my relationship to food and I knew that we all need helping knowing what to cook and knowing how to think.

 After I struggled with weight, binge eating and poor self esteem, I asked for help and was soon led in a direction where I found myself traveling with my hubby, living in people’s homes and cooking in their kitchens. I really become passionate about serving people good food.

I then had our daughter Ella, and she also added to the importance of health eating and thinking. She then linked to all children in the world, and I want them to have a healthy world to grow up in, and a healthy mind and body and happy spirit.

I knew I had to help others who had a similar problem to me. 

Let’s together build a better world for our children and future generations, staring in our kitchens. 

Future Vision for WAHK

WAHK was born to serve others, both in education ( mindset, whole foods & kitchen workflow) and to feed the people.

Right now this website is the education side of things, my services are the global community, and by 2024 we will have a physical WAHK location to serve our local community with fresh meals and classes everyday. Our goal is to help 1 million families in the next 5 years to learn to love themselves so that they can love to cook wholesome meals for their family in joy!

 My future vision is for moms,  families and individuals to be empowered in thought and action, so that the permanent shifts they make to their attitude and food habits will radiates to our collective humanity and benefit and bless everyone. One thought, and one meal at a time.

“When an individual person masters himself, his family becomes happy. When the family is happy, society becomes healthy. When society is healthy, the world becomes peaceful.” – The book of Macrobiotics by Michio Kushi

My Story