Meet Britney Shawley

My Purpose:
To educate moms and souls on how to Know & Love themselves, so they enhance the thoughts they think and the meals they make to improve their overall health, attitude and relationship to Self, cooking & food.

My Goal:
To BE confident, healthy and happy and inspire you to do the same so you can teach your children the same.

My Vision:
Future Generations will be positively impacted and blessed by how we have a changed relationship to self and food. They will have a relationship to self that is confident, healthy and happy. This awakened sense of being will unlock their greatest gifts, skills and talents that will bless the people, animals & our planet. 🙏

Hello!  I am happy you are here!!!

I am Britney Shawley. Founder of Whole & Health Kitchen, a Mom, Mindset Coach, Holistic Nutrition based Foodie and your biggest support system to awaken your Love for self and wholesome home-cooking!

I have always loved to help others and have been in the coaching profession for 10 years. Early on however, it was very difficult for me to help myself. I used to have a terrible relationship to food. I would binge eat every night, never cooked healthy meals and became overweight and unhappy because of  it. It wasn’t until I learned how to train my mind and nourished myself daily through well-balanced meals, that my weight fell off and my whole life changed.

I now dedicate my time to pouring my skills, education and talents into my mission of increasing the quality of health and happiness on this planet. I believe this shift IS happening,  and we all have a part in it. We can start with ourselves, in our own minds, with our own families and in our own kitchen. I am committed to helping you to embrace whole and healthy cooking and living, with simplicity and with joy.

P.s I am not a chef. I am not a nutritionist. I do not claim to be. I LOVE food, and I LOVE people. Food is what brings us together. I have learned how to cook through over 10,00 hours of cooking in my own kitchen. I am also well versed in holistic nutrition and metaphysics and share all that I have learned with you all to the best of my ability. I aim to do all the research leg work, and share with your the simplicity of what I find.  Let’s do this!

Who do I help?

I help moms, souls and change makers who want to learn the simplicity of cooking and making wholesome well-balanced meals everyday in joy. They are also ready to overcome overwhelm and fear so that they no longer have to compromise, be obsessed with or be confused by their food and health choices.

What problems do I solve?

I help you to solve the problem of thinking you don’t have enough time, are not good enough or uncertain of what to do in the kitchen. You want to cook and be healthy, but not quite sure ow to be consistent with it, and love it while you are at it.

Where am I Located?

I am located online. You can find me on many social media outlets such as my facebook group, facebook page, main facebook, and instagram. All my coaching and courses are held privately online in private chat rooms. I live just outside Toronto Canada with my hubby Tom and daughter Ella.

When You Can Expect Results

You can expect results when you put in the effort to get those results. Patience is an important attribute of the kitchen and mind training. You must put in the efforts now, and the results will have a compounding effect. Take one step, each day, and I guarantee you will reach your goals in less than a year.

Why I do what I do

I started Whole & Healthy Kitchen because I had inner calling to teach what I learned in my relationship to food and I knew that we all need helping knowing what to cook and knowing how to think.

 After I struggled with weight, binge eating and poor self esteem, I asked for help and was soon led in a direction where I found myself traveling with my hubby, living in people’s homes and cooking in their kitchens. I really become passionate about serving people good food.

I then had our daughter Ella, and she also added to the importance of health eating and thinking. She then linked to all children in the world, and I want them to have a healthy world to grow up in, and a healthy mind and body and happy spirit.

I knew I had to help others who had a similar problem to me. 

Let’s together build a better world for our children and future generations, staring in our kitchens. 

Future Vision for WAHK

WAHK was born to serve others, both in education ( mindset, whole foods & kitchen workflow) and to feed the people.

Right now this website is the education side of things, my services are the global community, and by 2024 we will have a physical WAHK location to serve our local community with fresh meals and classes everyday. Our goal is to help 1 million families in the next 5 years to learn to love themselves so that they can love to cook wholesome meals for their family in joy!

 My future vision is for moms,  families and individuals to be empowered in thought and action, so that the permanent shifts they make to their attitude and food habits will radiates to our collective humanity and benefit and bless everyone. One thought, and one meal at a time.

“When an individual person masters himself, his family becomes happy. When the family is happy, society becomes healthy. When society is healthy, the world becomes peaceful.” – The book of Macrobiotics by Michio Kushi

My Story


Here is a synopsis of the last 9 years of my life.
These are the years that were preparing me to be where I am today with Whole & Healthy Kitchen. 

You will read that I asked some big questions and made some important decisions.
Both of which have been the key to having my heart and love for cooking be shared in a purposeful and joyful way for me .
I thank you for taking the time to read about my journey to a Whole & Healthy Kitchen, and thank you also for being here to learn how you too are Whole & Healthy. 


It was coming to the end of my 5th year of University. I was needing to make a decision for my life and work. Was I going to go to teachers college like I planned? Was I going to get just “any” job? Who was I, anyway? These questions plagued me around the same time that my York University went on strike for 16 weeks. This gave me time to sit back, relax and contemplate the questions I was asking.

The awareness I came too was 1) I needed to change. I was overweight, unhappy, hated on myself and had no idea what I was going to do with my life 2) I could no longer abuse my body with food 3) I was ready to ask for and receive help from something greater than myself.

I was reading the book “Eat, Pray, Love” By Elizabeth Gilbert, and I came across the part in her story where she got down on the bathroom floor to call out to God for help. And to my surprise, God answered her. Even though I did not believe in God at that time, I thought “If she could receive help, so can I”. So I literally slipped past candy wrappers and food packaging on my bed and plopped onto my bedroom floor. I closed my eyes, brought my hands to my heart and called out to this mysterious idea of God for the first time. I asked, “What Void am I trying to fill with all the food I am eating” and instantly, I saw visions of my intense fear of failing. I was afraid of failing at everything in my life. I was afraid to be me.  And yet, as I looked deeper into my fear, I took responsibility for it and had my first experience of complete fearlessness. In this moment I knew I was here to do GREAT things and it was my duty to figure out what those things were. In this moment, I decided FOR Love and turned away from fear.  I forgave myself my mistakes and felt answered and at peace. I had so much happened that I didn’t even know yet WHAT in fact did happen. What I did know though, was a new journey began. My Whole & Healthy journey had officially started within and I was eager and committed to follow it all the way through.


At this point, I still had a rocky relationship with food. I turned to extreme exercise and continued to struggle with overeating in the evening. I would work really hard during the day, eat sparingly– and come home in the evening only to lose all self-control. I figured what better way to overcome this “problem” than to learn all I could about the Mind and help others as I helped my self. 

After school resumed and I finally graduated from University, I began taking courses in hypnosis, NLP, and other healing modalities. I used all of these tools as a platform to learn about the power of Mind and to help others. I soon opened up a LifeCoaching Practice that I called LEEP LifeCoaching [Love Yourself, Enlightenment, Empowerment, Positivity]. My practice took off. I did webinars, workshops, and one-on-one counseling. I worked out in the morning at Crossfit, I worked at a hypnosis clinic during the day and had clients for my own practice in the evening. I was fully booked helping others and helping myself. 

Slowly but surely I developed new habits, set new goals and started walking in a direction that I knew in my heart of hearts I was meant to do. I was open to how I could best serve others and I was supremely happy in the process. I manifested a trip to Hawaii, opened my heart to Jesus as my brother and friend, and when I returned home to Canada I asked for the life partner to help me on every level of my being so we could help “save the world”. Insert my current life partner and baby daddy- Tom Glod 🙂 He is honestly the main inspiration for me to have this website and write my book. I am so beyond grateful for this man in my life and know he was brought to me to help me to live my greatest life. He also brought me the metaphysical text, A course in miracles,  that I love so much and that truly has helped me with mind-training, to overcome addiction and find clarity in my purpose.


Tom and I began bootstrapping our life, or “flying by the seat of our pants” as we liked to call it. We asked some big questions, received some massive answers and we were determined to bring them to life. I still helped people on the side with my life-coaching practice, but my focus shifted away from hypnosis and CrossFit and onto Service and Technology for our new founded company MakeShyft R.D.A.  We traveled the world and knew not where funds were coming next, but we loved it and gave our entire hearts to what we were doing. 

I began to be most conscious of what I ate since funds were tight and we were traveling. I began to focus on only whole and healthy ingredients because of how it made me feel and the new education I was learning. I ate alot of avocados, sprouted breads, almond butter, and copious amounts of fruit, berries, vegetables and legumes. I met a friend Rebecca Tomlinson around the same time as Tom, who is a holistic nutritionist and she taught me a lot about Health food stores, and the different superfoods I can add to my diet. I started testing and experimenting immediately. I continued to educate myself daily on nutrition and started to find this love for clean, whole & heathy food.

I saw that the more I loved myself, the more I could say no to bad habits and think of others ahead of myself.   I began meditating more, spreading the love more and making healthy food for those we were staying with. The weight was flying off and I wasn’t even trying. I was just loving myself, loving the food I was making and trusting that even though we didn’t have a lot of money, all things including whole and healthy foods, would be provided for. And it always was.  


We were still traveling, and so simple and yet healthy eating was still at large. I could not believe how empowered I felt with the smaller meals I was having, with no meat and with added superfoods. I was set on wanting to learn to cook and become great at it.

I began to take over the Kitchens of the friends that opened their homes to us. I deeply loved making us all whole and healthy meals and even learning a few things from them as I cooked and chatted alongside my friends in the kitchen. 

Immediately my friends were asking me for the recipes and encouraging my new found purpose for cooking. I absolutely loved being able to be of service to friends and family through food. My heart was set on building our Technology company and learning how to perfect my cooking craft. 


At this time I was still focused on self-improvement. I wanted to be the best self I could be here. On New Years morning of 2013, I felt the internal call, as well as external pull from friends, to make youtube videos with the lessons of A Course in Miracles. I was already teaching sections of this course occasionally when I felt inspired on YouTube and I was gathering quite a following.  I did not make these videos for any other reason then my heart and soul felt compelled to share what I was learning. When the inspiration was overwhelming to make a video every day for 365 days, I did so, and boy oh boy was I grateful I did!!!  I met so many people around the world. My life blossomed even more and I was totally committed to using this tool to train my mind and live a life of peace and purpose.

I continued to perfect my skills in the kitchen. I continued to apply my mind training and new ideas to my relationship with food. My addiction and overeating and crazy relationship with food disappeared. I was now in control of what I ate and what I thought. My actions were no longer run by unconscious or subconscious prompters. I had made my thinking conscious, and let my subconscious thinking be changed. I still didn’t quite know exactly what I was cooking for, but I knew I loved it and that’s all that mattered.  I felt like I was being prepared to serve on a grand scale. 


Tom and I decided to take a LEEP (pun intended) of faith and travel around California for a year, not knowing where we might end up. We weaved in and out of friends homes and met the amazing people with whom I had met through my youtube videos or online communities. Everyone became family to us. It was literally the experience of a lifetime. I continued to perfect my cooking and receive feedback from everyone we lived with. I began baking, like alot alot alot. I fell in loving with baking muffins, cookies and bread! The friend we were living within Northern California told me I should open a bakery called “Bitty’s Bakery” lol. Bitty was my nickname to him. I learned to apply a whole and healthy technique to everything I would make and bake, enabling me to love and eat the foods I wanted, but without any negative effects, feelings or belly issues.

While we were in the mountains of California, Tom and I hit moments in our relationship that we had to work through and heal in order to bring us even closer together. We had talked about having a baby long before we left on our California adventure, so it was not a total shock to us. when we learned we were pregnant while staying in a hotel close to LA that our friend Craig held us up in. We were beyond happy, grateful and ready for this new life change!  We were going to be parents!!! I now had a wee-little nugget growing in my belly to care for, cook for and love.

We proceeded to move out of the mountains and travel to central California to live with a big beautiful family of 6. We stayed there for 6 whole months while pregnant!  Clearly, still flying by the seat of our pants. We were still in total faith, loving life and loving this family. I learned to cook huge meals and fell in love with sharing the cooking role with another Mama. It was incredible learning and growth on many levels. 

We came back to Canada only 4 months before Ella was born and it was the right move to be here. We are currently still in Canada… and all the cooking adventures I had learned while in California are kept in my back pocket and still used to this day. 


Yay!! We had a baby and her name is Ella Joy. She was born on June 13th and she has been an absolute blessing to our family and life. She arrived totally naturally with the help of midwives, as I was surrounded by Tom, my mom, my sister and a doula. It was perfect.

My cooking has evolved with Ella being on the planet. She has helped me to learn the true meaning of home cooking. I cook for her and want to teach her to love cooking and whole & healthy food from the onset. She has been my little sidekick in the Kitchen since she was a year and a half, and there is a spark in her when it comes to food and cooking already. 

I have also been blessed to experience how to introduce food to children, how to disguise vegetables for children, and how to open their hearts and minds to the amazingness of whole and healthy foods. Can you believe at 2 1/2 she turned down pizza in favor of quinoa and peas!  Oh ya… this child is a whole and healthy child and she has inspired me beyond my wildest dreams to help all mothers and families to encourage their children to be part of the cooking process and to love cooking good food together. 


At this point, I knew I was going to write a cookbook. All of my friends and family would ask me for recipes when I would make them food. It was time-consuming to write it all out in a clear way they would understand and send it to all of them individually. Tom continued to tell me I needed to get my food into the hands [and mouths] of people. I agreed but still was unsure of the vision. So I continued to create and perfect my recipes. I continued to learn and evolve as a home cook. I made endless notes in my Trello and allowed my passion and healed relationship with food to inspire my meal creations every day. 


It was overwhelming. I could not hide my love for cooking anymore. I started an Instagram account and started sharing the small things I was cooking in my days. I learned that to care about what it “looks like” over what “it is” is not what I stand for. I could no longer wait for a better camera or kitchen to share my whole and healthy meals with others. I knew it was time for others, not just my fam and friends, to enjoy my meals with me.

I made it my focus to get clear on the content, the message and the PURPOSE of why I was doing what I was doing with food/cooking, before I perfected what it “looks like” in pictures. Let’s face it… home cooking with a busy family is not always pretty. But… it does taste damn good and feels even better when your all enjoying it around the table. And so, this was the year I finalized my vision for the whole and healthy kitchen website. I became aware of the immense knowledge I had gained over the years and that this kind of skill was not meant to be kept to me alone. It was finally time to share my gifts [and meals] with the world. 


I began creating this website shortly after New Years rang in. I saw in my mind during a meditation session the look, the feel, the goal of this website and it was time to start putting my vision onto the web. The more I did this the more my vision and joy crystalized. I had to learn how to navigate my time and use it in a way where it would not conflict with being a mom, a wife and a founder of a startup. I needed to see this new venture as being totally possible for me to do and to give. My confidence grew as I began to settle into my heart of what it would feel like to welcome a growing community of people who were wanting to learn to have a whole and healthy kitchen with me. It was a total yes yes yes I wanted this to happen and would do anything and everything I could to make it happen.

I was ready to devote my whole mind to this and help others to become whole and healthy and happy as I had. I now spend my days asking how I can best serve my whole and healthy community. It is a JOY to be doing this and sharing this with you all. Thank you for being here and being part of my whole and healthy kitchen family.