Welcome, Beautiful Soul.

Who do I work with?

Moms and Souls who:
want to enhance the thoughts they think and meals they make
want to overcome overwhelm, confusion or stress around mealtime or knowing what “healthy food” is
wants a healed, conscious, healthy and loving relationship to Self, food and others
wants to awaken and be healthy and happy to better their family and world
wants to discover greater purpose/meaning in the kitchen and in their life

How do I help?

By helping you to know your why, your worth and discover a way to cook that works for you and your family
We do this through 2 options
1-on-1 coaching sessions with me
    2) Kitchen Alchemy Course
You will have my 10 years experience working in the realm of mindful living, wholesome cooking and metaphysics.
I help you to shift your mindset and approach to cooking and life
I help you develop the healthy habits necessary for true and consistent positive change

What is the Outcome?

Confidence in Self and healthy cooking
Planned healthy meals (that you follow through with)
Structure and Organization in cooking and at mealtime
Increased Self Care Practices & Self Acceptance
Increased readiness, excitement and consistency in eating, cooking and BEing healthy
Feel more grounded, inspired and connected to your true self
Increased ability to ask and have faith in a Higher Power / Creator / God

We focus on 4 Areas:


Develop a strong & calm mindset through consistent self care that solves problems, connects to creativity and resides in joy & confidence as its natural state.

Whole Foods

Increase your knowledge of what whole foods are, and how to turn whole foods into delicious, wholesome and well-balanced meals.

Kitchen Flow

Organize your kitchen and find your flow in meal prepping & meal planning. Also discover important health and kitchen hacks.


It is a power greater than yourself that will help you heal, cook & be guided in your daily activities. You will learn to connect to and commune with Spirit within.

Cook with Confidence and Love Your Whole Self!!

I am Britney Shawley. Founder of Whole & Healthy Kitchen, a Mom, Mindset Coach, Spiritual Advisor & a Holistic Nutrition based Foodie that is your biggest support system to awaken your Love for Self & wholesome home-cooking!

I have always loved to help others and been in the coaching profession for 10 years. Early on however, it was very difficult for me to help myself. I used to have a terrible relationship to food. I would binge eat every night, never cooked healthy meals and became overweight and unhappy because of it. It wasn’t until I learned how to train my mind and nourished myself daily through well-balanced meals, that my weight fell off and my whole life changed.

If you want to BE healthy and BE happy, consistently, then now is the time to learn how. It starts inside of you, then extends outside. Its simple (not easy) once you see the whole picture.

I now dedicate my time to pouring my skills, education and talents into my mission of increasing the quality of health and happiness on this planet. I believe this shift IS happening,  and we all have a part in it. We can start with ourselves, in our own minds, with our own families and in our own kitchen. I am committed to helping you to embrace whole and healthy cooking and living, with simplicity and with joy.

Introducing my Signature Program:

Kitchen Alchemy is an online transformational course that has as its purpose the applying of universal principles to your Kitchen Domain. The goal is to have you let go of overwhelm so you can accept and enjoy the fact that you will be making 3 meals a day, every day for the rest of your life. Through this course you will discover how simple and joyful the act of cooking nourishing meals for you and your family can be. This will positively impact and bless not only you and your family, but future generations.

"You have arrived for a purpose.
To optimally nourish yourself, your family & future generations
- One Day, One thought, One Meal at a Time."

What my Students & Clients are saying:

At Whole & Healthy Kitchen we have as our goal to eat whole & plant based foods 80% of the time and eat whatever we want 20% of the time. This will enable us to reach our goal of optimal health and happiness for self, our family, the planet and all future generations. It is about food freedom, feeling good and bringing family together. This is not a “diet” or a quick fix, but a way of life.

“The wonderful thing about food is you get three votes a day. 
Every one of them has the potential to change the world.”

– Michael Pollan