10 steps to a Whole & Healthy Kitchen

These are basic culinary principles that when applied, will carry your cooking from boring and occasional, to extraordinary and daily. I am so so so passionate about these principles. I have applied them to my own kitchen, and if you apply them to yours, I guarantee you will find success and JOY in your kitchen and cooking!!!
Grab a cup of coffee or tea, make some notes and take what you learn here into the Kitchen.

Step 1:

Plan Ahead

When we plan ahead for what we want to make, we are then prepared ahead of time and more ready to cook. Have you ever stood with your fridge open trying to figure out what to make only a few moments before you start cooking dinner? Well, this can become stressful if you don’t have all the ingredients or cant think off the top of your head what to cook.  Planning ahead takes away the guess work and the stress in the Kitchen. The cooking happens more naturally when we know the ingredients and recipes that we are cooking with ahead of time.


Step 2:

Read the recipe all the way through.

I used to try and skip this step. I would skim through the recipe only to realize I either didn’t have the ingredients, the tools or the know how to do it. Instead, I learned to read recipes all the way through in order to see the WHOLE of the recipe. Once I see the whole of it, I can get jazzed up about wanting to eat this amazing meal. 


Step 3:

Set your 'Mise en place'

 Mise en place translates to “put in place”. It means to get all your prep work done before you start cooking and set it in its place on the counter, where you can use it.


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