4 Tips on How to 'Ask & Receive' Like a SuperHero

I know you already know this, but this is an Ask and Receive Universe. Ask, Believe, Receive”  is how the old saying goes. What we ask for with our thoughts, with our words, with our actions and in our hearts we receive. Its true. The universe is always listening to what we are asking for, waiting for our request. And the instant we ask, and believe, we WILL receive.

So the question is: “What are you asking for???”

Becoming clear on what you are asking for helps you to navigate your life in the direction that you want it to go. With the help of this loving universe, you can learn to no longer ask for what does not serve, but instead to ask for what does serve you (and others) no matter how big or small.  This may sound like “magic” saying that what you ask for in your heart you will receive….and quite frankly it kind of is. This is why it takes some superhero skills to really break the chains of this world and to go against the grain and get what you really want and deserve. But I am determined to give you some tips on how to truly hone into your super powers 😀 But first…

Let Me Tell You a Story

❤️Ella and I had an experience of our Ask and Receive Universe this week. In late August / early September our local Park closes down its Merry Go Round and Train. And often times, it is closed during the week and open only on the weekend. When Ella asked to go to this park this week we told her that the rides might be down as that will be happening any day now. She said “okay. I want to try any way”. When we were walking down the street you can see the Merry Go Round in the distance. She kept saying “Is it moving? Is it moving?” Finally we noticed that in fact it WAS moving and she started to squeal like an excited pig. She then said “Mommy, I prayed for the Merry Go Round to be open and it is. My prayer was answered!!”.  I stopped the cart, looked her in the eyes and said ” Baby our prayers are always answered. Keep asking for what you want, and it will be given you”. She said “Ok mommy I will”. And we carried on to go to the merry go round and to enjoy our day.

If a little girl can do it (and repeatedly so, this is just a recent example) then you can do it too!!  We have learned to step back, see the greater vision that includes all and to ASK for whats most helpful for everyone involved. The vision, the asking, the letting it go and the trust that it will be given you is a power we can learn to use for our benefit, and for the benefit of others. It is quite literally a Super Power.

4 Tips on How to 'Ask & Receive'😎💪

Follow these above 4 tips and you will activate your super hero powers!!!

1) Step back from your situation, and take a look at what you or your family is really needing.

Do you or your family need to get healthier? Do you need to start meal planning? Do they need better eating patterns? Do you need to end an old habit? Do you need to overcome a sickness / pain point?  Do you need to restructure your schedule? Do you need to include more family meals? Do you need to include more home cooked or nourishing meals? Do you need help in how to pack healthy lunches since school is coming? Is it something else?

Once you spot the need, you can ask for what you need. Get clear on this vision. What does it look like? Smell like? feel like? Sound like? Bring all your sense in to surround this need / want. Once you are clear on what you want / need… you can proceed to step 2

2) ASK for what you want.

This goes for asking the Universe OR asking of your partner or children. Be clear in your communication of what you want. Don’t dance around the bush and assume. Be direct, be kind and loving of course, but be direct and ask for what you really want.

When you ask…..ask a question that CAN be answered. I love asking: ” How can I serve and be most helpful to those I love?” or another practical example “Thank you for the best coat that will suit me this winter and provide me with the warmth and pockets and means to be fully happy?”  Be as specific as possible with your asking, and be mindful with the words you choose.

3) Be sure to say thank you as you are doing the asking / praying or when you are done.

Let gratitude be a declaration that your prayer/asking has already been answered.

4) Do not doubt its coming/ Do not interfere

If you doubt, it hinders what you are asking for from being received by you because you are already assuming that it will not come. Trust it will come, and even though it may not come in the way you think, or in the time frame you think you need it- it will come. Stay Open and focused on the goal. If you find doubt slip in, pause for a moment, close your eyes and visualize the outcome that you want!  How do you want to feel? What do you want to have happen? What are the smells, the sensations, the feelings, the sounds? Let that visualization become so real and tangible that you feel as if its happening in front of you and around you. Once that visualization has been run through in your mind and heart, let it go. And allow that new image of what you want to replace what you don’t wan…t by focusing all your attention on what you want. Return back to faith / trust it will be given you. Believe, believe, believe!  And be grateful 🙂

Try out these 4 tips and activate your super hero powers!!!

Added Mindset Tips

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