Thank You!

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Hello Beautiful Soul!  Thank you for being here!

I take your commitment to health, healing and wholeness seriously. It makes me totally committed to helping you! And in our shared purpose, so it is!

I wrote out some examples of what to expect with the work we do together below. If any of them speak to you the most, or if you have any questions before or after our session reach out to me anytime at:

Here is the link to join our private session.

Come with headphones, water/tea and a notebook.
Preferably in a quiet, comfortable place.

Looking forward to seeing you during our chosen time slot!

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

What to Expect:

During our session together I pray before hand and let myself be used by Spirit to best serve and help you.
This often means that we will be guided to a few different modalities depending on your needs and what would be most helpful at the time.

*Most often we focus on typical “talk” therapy where I ask you questions, you answer, and experience shifts in your perceptions and then actions because of it. I always give you homework to apply for the week to keep the changes present and transformative.

We also may use any of the following modalities together:
1) Energetic Upgrades through  guided meditations / hypnosis sessions
2) Breathwork Healing, Releasing & Receiving (with Music)
3) Card Readings

4) A Course in Miracles
5) Education or Presentations on Nutrition / Gut Health /Wellness / Cooking / Mindset
6) Prayer / Meditation together
7) Reiki / Energetic Healings
8) Journaling Prompts / Guidelines
9) Hypnosis / NLP Activities

All of the above work together to help you come to know and love yourself. This love will then guide you in life, parenting and in cooking so you can optimally nourish yourself and family and thus our world! Thank you for working with me. This is extremely important work we are doing together and I value you and appreciate your willingness to learn, heal and grow.

Note: You may be called to some modalities and not others. That’s okay. Our sessions tend to show us what you are in “need” of at the time and we will follow that. No matter what, keep communicating with me and let me know what you think might be most helpful for you from week to week.

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