Our Miracles Study Group

Who this is For.

This Study Group is for students and teachers of A Course In Miracles. who wants to go through the TEXT together.  If you are not yet an ACIM student but curious or uncertain of what ACIM is all about, we welcome you!!!

What to Expect.

We are coming together to support each other in the practice of mind training and the application of A Course in Miracles principles. Our goal is the acceptance of our wholeness as God created us to be, that we may be peaceful and fulfill our function here in joy.

We will learn together as we apply ACIM to our lives,
we will heal together as we apply it to our mind and
we will love together when we share space and ideas together.

Meeting Details.

We will meet two times a month.
The 2nd Tuesday of Every month
AND the 4th Tuesday of every month
Mark your calendar!

We will meet in a private online meeting space.
(much like zoom, but different. You will receive the link when you sign up)

We will meet at 2pm eastern time (on the 2nd Tuesday of the month)
AND 8pm eastern time (on the 4th Tuesday of the month)
for 60 to 90 minutes minutes.

COST: FREE! (Love Offerings are welcome here)

(All meetings will be recorded and will be sent ONLY to those who sign-up to be part of our Community. They will not be shared anywhere else.)

Meet Your Host / Mighty Companion

Hello Beautiful Soul 🙂

If you have watched any of my videos or seen any of my work, you know that I am Britney Shawley.  Hello! I am a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, a Mom to 5 year old Ella, and Founder / Entrepreneur at Whole and Healthy Kitchen. I have given my life and work to enhance the quality of health and happiness on this planet.

I am so grateful to be meeting with you all twice a month going forward!!
Just the thought of it makes my heart so happy!

During our gatherings I will read from the Circle of Atonement version of A Course in Miracles. We will all, no matter what ACIM version we have, follow the text from beginning to end and discuss what it means together.

All stories about your own experiences and questions are welcome.

This is OUR group. I want you to feel safe, welcome, loved, supported and heard. 

I look forward to seeing your faces!!! (although, you can attend with your camera off)

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*If you have any questions email me at britney@wholeandhealthykitchen.com